March 29, 2000

An Evening With James Toback In-Person! Sneak Preview of BLACK AND WHITE, plus FINGERS
Director James Toback will speak between the two films in the double feature.

Toback, a former teacher of literature in New York, as well as a widely published journalist, became a screenwriter in the 70s, and later a director. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his screenplay for the Warren Beatty starrer BUGSY (1991). He also wrote THE GAMBLER (1974) and wrote and directed LOVE AND MONEY (1982), EXPOSED (1983) and THE BIG BANG (1989), as well as the films mentioned above.






Sneak Preview!

BLACK AND WHITE (2000, Screen Gems, 100 min.)

8:00 PM

This racially-charged drama is about white kids on New York’s Upper West Side and the Black Rappers they seek to emulate. When high school hipster Charlie (Bijou Phillips) and her friends start hanging out with Harlem's aspiring rap artist Rich Bower (Power) and his group, the American Cream Team, each faction starts to ponder the other's true motivation. Fascinated by this collision of cultures, documentary filmmaker and former rich girl herself Sam Donager (Brooke Shields) attempts to capture the phenomenon on camera with the help of her intriguingly unhinged husband Terry (Robert Downey Jr.).Meanwhile, NYPD detective Mark Clear (Ben Stiller) wants revenge on his heartless ex-girlfriend Greta (Claudia Schiffer), who dumped him for Dean (Allan Houston), a black star basketball player and friend of Rich Bower. Before long, everyone wants something from someone else. As the chain of casual acquaintance comes full circle, worlds collide -- black and white, wealthy and wanting, uptown and downtown -- until it becomes clear that nobody is really who they seem to be.

This ensemble film covers much societal territory where black and white cultures collide including music, sports gambling, drugs, delinquency and sex. This erotic, dangerous and unpredictable film features performances by Robert Downey, Jr. (who previously worked under Toback’s direction on TWO GIRLS AND A GUY and THE PICK-UP ARTIST), Ben Stiller, Claudia Shiffer, Brooke Shields, Stacy Edwards, Jared Leto, Elijah Wood, Gaby Hoffman, Bijou Phillips, Raekwon – and in an almost documentary performance – Mike Tyson.

Last minute change! The print of FINGERS is unavailable, the second part of this Double Feature will be  Toback's TWO GUYS AND A GIRL starring Robert Downey, Jr.

FINGERS (1978, Warner Bros. Classics, 91 min.) will screen as the second half of this double feature. Harvey Keitel stars as a concert pianist who works for his bookie father as a debt collector in Toback’s directorial debut. Tisa Farrow (Mia’s little seen sister) and football great Jim Brown co-star in this rarely-screened, harrowing thriller. On par with other great lost crime films of the 1970s like THE DRIVER and THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE.

Screen Gems will release BLACK AND WHITE theatrically.

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