Presented in association with OUTFEST, the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Festival

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QUEER SHORTS: Thursday, April 20, 2000 / 7:30 PM

Our fifth annual collaboration with OUTFEST, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Festival, this one-night showcase of Gay and Lesbian themed shorts, features eight films which focus on gay men and/or women in a myriad of circumstance and settings that range from a faceless metropolis to the rural countryside. Several of the filmmakers are scheduled to participate in what promises to be a spirited discussion following the film.The films will not necessarily screen in the order listed here.

Films playing include: Rahdi Taylor’s "Sheila and Rosie Get Paid" (6 min.), a Pam Grier inspired comedy about two sistah’s who take action against an aggressive male on the street. In the heat of the urban jungle, these two struggling city girls stir it up, and shake it down! Take Charge! Changing gears radically, is Michael Burke’s "Fishbelly White" (22 min.) This rural tale is the tender and terrifying story of one boy’s coming out. Allen Brocka’s "Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in the World" (7 min.) is a Lego block character counter-point to the cliché "happy-couple" scenario. Winner of the audience award at Outfest, the short follows the naughty adventures of America's newest additions to the sit-com cast, gays and lesbians, in Brocka's response to what he feels are the "watered-down" portrayals of these characters. In Trac Vu’s "Among Others," (17 min), two men move through a nameless, faceless city at night, until they intersect, in an emotionally electric meeting. This screening is the Los Angeles Premiere of Abigail Severance’s award-winning "Pump" (17 min.). The film follows "Ruby" as she loses her heart to a two-timing, lying lover who dyes her hair to boot!. By turns moody and hilarious, this is the 17-minute antidote to that thing called love. Another Los Angeles Premiere is Duncan Tucker’s "Mountain King" (19 min). One uptight, confused, young man takes cues and much, much more from a bold gay hustler, yielding a very unexpected end to the day for them both. Glenn Gaylord’s "Lost Cause" (7 min.) is a colorful, comic, nightmarish film that pokes a stick at a sacred cow -- AIDS. It follows "Sickly man" through a series of holds, transfers, hang ups and instant analysis, to discover just how difficult it is for charities to be truly giving. A film for people who are tired of short films about AIDS. Finally, we have Jennifer Arnold’s "Maid of Honor" (24 min), a complete audience pleaser. Two liberated lesbians find their commitment to non-monogamy tested, when one of them is asked to be the maid of honor at her ex-girlfriend's straight wedding. This beautifully rendered film has something to say to everyone about marriage, commitment and hypocrisy. Timely, to say the least!


There will be a discussion following the screenings with Rahdi Taylor, ("Sheila and Rosie Get Paid") Allen Brocka, ("Rick and Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in the World") Trac Vu, ("Among Others") Abigail Severance, ("Pump") Duncan Tucker, ("Mountain King") Glenn Gaylord ("Lost Cause") and Jennifer Arnold ("Maid of Honor").