American Cinematheque presents...


One Night Only!

Wednesday, July 19, 2000 at 7:30 PM







Los Angeles Premiere!

BREAKING BREAD (60 min.) Directed by Iranian-American filmmaker Hamid Rahmanian, this slice of life documentary explores the life of a Korean-American who fled North Korea during the war. Over the years he struggled to build a successful life for himself and his family. His dying wish was for his Iranian friend to come to visit him and to make a traditional Persian meal. As the family prepares for his death, they discover secrets that will alter their lives and possibly put a hold on their American Dream. THis poetic journey takes us through an intimate weaving of many juxtaposing cultures through the celebration of one man's life.

With two short films by the same director:

"An I Within" (19 min.) Kodak Cinematography Award Winner! Seamlessly blending live-action and animation into a vivid dreamscape of images influenced by experimental film, Fellini and the Arabian Nights.

"Seventh Day" (6 min.) An exquisite piece of multiple award-winning animation that interprets the creation myth.

Discussion after the films with Hamid Rahmanian.