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<<< Wednesdays in 2005 >>>

Outfest Wednesdays:


The American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre and Outfest collaborate to present gay and lesbian programming on Wednesdays at the Egyptian. Outfest Wednesdays is the only gay and lesbian-themed weekly screening series in the country. Founded in 1999, the programming features favorites from past festivals, Hollywood revivals, filmmaker retrospectives and sneak preview and word of mouth screenings of upcoming releases. For more information about Outfest see

Some evenings are in the 78 seat Steven Spielberg Theatre. Those films will screen twice the same night.




Wednesday, January 12 –  7:30 PM

IN THE CITY (EN LA CIUDAD), 2003, Wolfe, 100 min. Dir. Cesc Gay (NICO AND DANI)'s wryly observed feature is a sharp chronicle of intersecting lives and loves where nothing is quite as it seems and easy answers are never forthcoming. This prickly screenplay is matched by a terrific ensemble cast.

Wednesday, January 19 – 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM

[Spielberg Theatre]

SEX, POLITICS AND COCKTAILS, 2003, 90 min. Dir. Julian Hernandez. Called "the gay BRIDGET JONES" but with more margaritas, nicotine, neuroses and sex, a fresh coming out story that pokes fun at a host of gay stereotypes -- from Mr. Bang Bang (the name says it all), to the quirky Michael whose only long-term relationships are with his Armani suits.


Wednesday, January 26 – 7:30 PM

HARRY AND MAX, 2004, 74 min. They’re cute, famous, in love - and brothers. Director Christopher Münch (THE HOURS AND TIMES) offers an incisive view of the intertwining struggles for freedom and love in this edgy feature about two pop star brothers exploring the boundaries of their relationship. Discussion following with director Christopher Münch.




Wednesday, February 2 – 7:30 PM

INSIDE DEEP THROAT, 2004, 90 min. Academy Award-winning producer Brian Grazer (A BEAUTIFUL MIND, 8 MILE) teams with acclaimed directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato (PARTY MONSTER) on this new motion-picture documentary. The lasting cultural impact generated by DEEP THROAT, the sexually explicit film first shown in 1972 that quickly became a flashpoint for an unprecedented social and political firestorm, is examined with astonishing, fascinating clarity. [Note: INSIDE DEEP THROAT contains scenes of graphic sexuality. No one under 17 will be admitted to the screening.] Introduction with Producer Brian Grazer and Directors Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato. Discussion following with the directors.


Wednesday, February 9 – 7:00 & 9:00 PM

[Spielberg Theatre] COLONEL JIN XING 2001, 52 min. Dir. Sylvie Levey, Pascal Vasselin & Arnaud Hamelin. Shanghai’s principal dancer, 33-year-old Jin Xing, is a huge star and the first choreographer to have received official recognition in more than 50 years of national communism. Equally remarkable, until a few years ago she was a colonel in the People’s Liberation Army - and a man! Despite her transcendence in dance, Jin Xing still fights against the prejudices and manipulations of the communist regime in an effort to achieve personal and artistic freedom. Plus Short: "Dreaming Awake" directed by John R. Killacky.


Wednesday, February 16 – 7:30 PM

FAVORITE GIRLS’ SHORTS These audience favorites from Outfest 2004 are well-executed, highly entertaining tales of lesbian love and friendship. "A Woman Reported..." (Dir. Chris J. Russo); "Little Black Boot" (Dir. Colette Burson); "Hummer" (Dir. Guinevere Turner); "Squeeze Play" (Dir. Chiedu Egbuniwe); "Saint Henry" (Dir. Abigail Severance); "Gift For The Living" (Dir. Tamika Miller).


Wednesday, February 23 – 7:00 & 9:00 PM

[Spielberg Theatre] STICKY BONDS Shorts program curated by Kevin McCarty and José Esteban Muñoz. Queer intimacies are often messy ones. While mainstream pop continues to ³Disneyfy² the pervert through representations of gay make-over handmaidens and happy-go-lucky fags with their hags, this program is interested in rendering our complex bonds to both each other and queerness itself. This program is an antidote to the onslaught of media images that portray the joys of gay marriage and transnational adoption. Instead we offer different accounts of queers and their intimacies. (Warning: Explicit Sex) "Wo Ist Manfred?" (Dir. Vaginal Davis & Cyril Kuhn, 2004, 10 min.) Davis and Kuhn spin a tail of pornographic delights featuring John Wayne Bobbit and his infamy; "Raison d’Etre" (Dir. Coco Frio, 2003, 10 min.) This mockumentary features the addled and delusional queer art collective¹s prattling about the pains of collaboration; "Lifestyles" (Dir. Nao Bustamente, 2003, 7 min.) Performance art guru Nao Bustamente¹s shares a horny fantasy of polymorphous perversity; "The Pool" (Dir. Sara Jordeno, 2004, 22 min.) Jordeno¹s video is sung to the tune of Dolly Parton¹s ³I Will Always Love You² and features the ribald tale of lesbian cruising among monuments and ruins. "LikeSomeone In Love" (Dir. Toxic Titties, 2002, 6 min.) Los Angeles¹s favorite Lesbo performance terrorists, Toxic Titties, reflect on the trials and tribulations of love and art making; "Forward Hand" (Dir. Jenn Kolmel, 2003, 4 min.) Kolmel¹s video is a tribute to the pleasures of inappropriate public touching; "Pyt" (Dir. Tara Mateik, 2004, 7 min.) This music video charts a perverse transsexual identification between Peter Pan and Michael Jackson; "I Love You" (Dir. Haruko Tanaka, 2003, 2 min.) The short video is a tribute to deep narcissism. An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Wednesday, March 2 – 7:30 PM

GAY REPUBLICANS, Dir. Wash West, 2004, 90 min. After years of relative obscurity, Log Cabin -- the gay Republican club -- has found itself in the National spotlight. George Bush's unequivocal opposition to gay marriage put them at the forefront of one of the most hotly contested elections in years. But it also opened schisms that challenged the very identity of the Log Cabin itself. Whether to support the President distilled into a stark choice between civil rights and loyalty to their party. 2004 forced many gay Republicans into a corner: what was more important, being gay or being Republican? GAY REPUBLICANS follows four often-thoughtful, always colorful Log Cabin members on their different paths to Decision 2004, painting a moving, disturbing and often hilarious portrait of an organization in turmoil. Print Courtesy of World of Wonder. In collaboration with Out in Television and Film

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


Wednesday, March 9 – 7:00 & 9:00 PM

[Spielberg Theatre] ROUND TRIP (AL H¹KAV) Dir. Shahar Rozen, 2003, 95 min. Fed up with her life, 40 year-old bus driver Nurit packs up her two children, ditches her no-good husband, and moves to Tel Aviv. Her impressive driving skills easily land her work in the city, but being a single working mother soon becomes more than she can handle. Enter Mushidi - a Nigerian woman looking for bed and board in exchange for nanny services - who unexpectedly provides the emotional and sexual pieces missing from Nurit¹s life. ROUND TRIP boasts strong, subtle lead performances of two fully realized female characters. The urban sights and sounds of Tel Aviv echo the longing and struggle in Shahar Rozen¹s deep, beautiful film about a woman who admirably redefines her life. Print Courtesy of: Wolfe.

Series compiled by Andrew P. Crane

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Wednesday, March 16 – 7:00 & 9:00 PM

Free Event!
QUEER HOME MOVIE NIGHT Don't miss your chance to see family and friends on a big Hollywood screen! Rifle through your attic, dig through your closets, call up Grandma and search out your old (or not-so-old) home movies. Will you find that priceless "Christmas 1959" footage? A video of Gay Pride 1975? Your own version of BOYS IN THE BAND or a sequel to BOUND? Maybe you just want to see your first trip to San Francisco again but don't have an old film projector anymore or just haven't bothered to replace the broken VCR. Bring your VHS, 8mm, Super8mm, or 16mm home movies, and film archivists Lynne Kirste and John Kirk will project them for you and an audience of fellow queer home movie enthusiasts. They'll also tell us what we can do to preserve our collections to make sure we don't lose them. Even if you don't have movies to bring, join the fun. It's free!
Sponsored By: Triage Motion Picture Services.


Wednesday, March 23 – 7:30 PM

Outfest 25th Anniversary Screening!

In Collaboration With The Trevor Project:
9 TO 5, 1980, 20th Century Fox, 110 min. This over-the-top camp classic from gay director Colin Higgins (writer/producer of HAROLD AND MAUDE and director of FOUL PLAY and THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS) brilliantly brings together three of Hollywood’s favorite female stars - lesbian icon Lily Tomlin, unstoppable Jane Fonda and endlessly gifted Dolly Parton - in an uproarious office farce. At Consolidated, the office manager (Tomlin), the vice president’s secretary (Parton) and the newest employee (Fonda) plot revenge against their sexist, egotistical and hypocritical boss Frank Hart (Dabney Colman.) The scheme spins wildly out of control, forcing them to keep Hart tied up as they take over the company and run it their own way. Full of witty one-liners, great 80’s outfits and an unforgettable sound track (including Parton’s Oscar-nominated title song), this delightful, insightful comedy is so much fun it’ll drive you crazy if you let it.
Post-screening open bar reception hosted by: Absolut.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Wednesday, April 6 – 7.30 PM

THE SERVANT, 1963, 112 min. Director Joseph Losey and screenwriter Harold Pinter masterfully adapt Robin Maugham's novel into an unnerving and darkly humorous look at the dissolution of Britain’s upper class. A rich young playboy, Tony (James Fox, in a starmaking role) decides he can’t get along without a valet when he strikes out on his own and makes the mistake of hiring Barret (Dirk Bogarde) a seemingly obsequious "gentleman’s gentleman". But Tony gets more than he bargains for when Barret slowly starts to exert his decadent, sinister influence, installing first his "sister" Vera (Sarah Miles) in an upstairs bedroom, then gradually usurping mastery of the household. With Wendy Craig. "…Bogarde, Losey and Pinter each stamp their personalities on this deliciously nasty film…decades on from its release, THE SERVANT has lost none of its strangeness, nor its capacity to startle." – Channel 4 Film

Matthew Bourne, the award-winning director and choreographer of the ground-breaking production of "Swan Lake," will host a post-screening Q&A to discuss Joseph Losey's classic 1960s British film "The Servant," and it's influence on "Play Without Words," Bourne's latest dance/theatre piece at the Ahmanson Theatre April 8-May 29. (For tickets to a special LGBT "Play Without Words" Evening OUT April 9 at 2:00, call (213) 972-7513).



Wednesday, April 13 – 7:00 & 9:00 PM OUTFEST

[Spielberg Theatre] GLITTER GIRLS, 2004, 47 min. Dir. Hedda Muskat. Welcome to the private world of Latina transsexual life in West Hollywood. Each year transsexuals in Los Angeles compete for the whopping sum of $500 to be crowned Miss "Glitter Girl." We meet their families, the men who love them and witness their struggles as they doggedly compete for the crown. While the hectic preparations for the beauty pageant are at the heart of GLITTER GIRLS, this bold yet heartfelt documentary reveals itself as an absorbing treatise on gender and race politics, transphobia and the often harsh reality of transgendered life in the U.S. GLITTTER GIRLS holds the mirror up and rewards us with a rare and honest peek at a fearless and proud segment of our GLBT community.

Plus Short: "Rosa Negra" Dir. Viva Ruiz (2003, 14 min.) Love is a big mess in this fabulously queer telenovela. Discussion following the screening with director Hedda Muskat.



Wednesday, April 27 – 7:30 PM OUTFEST

Newly Restored!

DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS (ANDERS ALS DIE ANDERN), 1919, 50 min. A long-lost masterpiece of the silent era from acclaimed director Richard Oswald, DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS was the first film to positively depict homosexual relations. Released in Germany in 1919, fifty years before the onset of the gay liberation movement in the U.S. Oswald’s film is a direct condemnation of the German penal code’s Paragraph 175, which imprisoned those who were guilty of "unnatural vice between men." Paul Korner, a successful gay concert pianist, is blackmailed by the malicious Franz Bolleck, who threatens to expose Korner’s homosexuality. Korner finally musters the gumption to go to the courts but his act of courage ultimately costs him his career. Many thousands of homosexual men in Germany were sentenced to prison terms of up to five years under Paragraph 175. Enacted in 1871, with the creation of the modern German nation, this law was toughened in the Nazi era and later liberalized in East and West Germany, but not fully repealed until 1994. The law was challenged as early as 1897 by the German homosexual emancipation movement, the first such initiative worldwide. Its leader, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935), held that homosexuals constituted a biological "third sex," a social minority unjustly subjected to discrimination. Hirschfeld argued that Paragraph 175 did far less to prevent the victimless crime of homosexuality than to promote the crime of extortion. For each homosexual prosecuted under the law, another 100 were victimized by blackmailers. During World War I, director Richard Oswald (1880-1963) began collaborating with Hirschfeld and other sexologists to produce a series of widely hailed "enlightenment films" aiming at sex education. Oswald’s films dealt with such issues as venereal disease, abortion, and prostitution, embedded in a storyline that included counseling by a sage physician. Following the war, censorship was temporarily lifted in all German media, opening a window of opportunity for filmmakers. Early in 1919, Hirschfeld and Oswald collaborated on DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS (PARAGRAPH 175), the world's first film to deal explicitly with homosexuality. Within a year, German studios had released some 150 feature films with sexual themes. Many of these "enlightenment films" were lurid and exploitative, but also commercially successful. The outcry they provoked led to the reintroduction of film censorship. At the center of the controversy was DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS, which was banned in 1920 and survives today only as a fragment.

Our enormous thanks to Stefan Drössler of the Munich Film Museum, who digitally restored the film from the only existing materials which survived in the Ukraine. Mr. Drössler will introduce the screening to discuss the rescue of this lost and pioneering classic of gay cinema. [Note: No print exists of the restored version; it will be screened via video projection with a pre-recorded piano score prepared exclusively for this restoration.]



Wednesday, May 4 -- 7:00 & 9:00 PM OUTFEST

[Spielberg Theatre] IN GOOD CONSCIENCE: SISTER JEANNINE GRAMICK'S JOURNEY OF FAITH, 2004, 82 min. IN GOOD CONSCIENCE brings together award-winning journalist/filmmaker Barbara Rick and legendary documentarian Albert Maysles (GREY GARDENS) to recount the courageous story of Sister Jeannine Gramick, an American nun who has defied a Vatican edict to shut down her compassionate ministry to gay and lesbian Catholics. Refusing to remain silent at tremendous risk to her calling, Sister Jeannine protests the Church's discrimination and hypocrisy, taking her case all the way to Rome to seek an audience with Vatican officials. Discussion following with director Barbara Rick. (not confirmed)


Wednesday, May 11 - 7:30 PM OUTFEST
SAVING FACE, 2004, Sony Picture Classics, 90 min. Dir. Alice Wu. For 28-year old New Yorker Wilhelmina "Wil" Pang (Michelle Krusiec), life is a juggling act between a promising career as a surgeon and her responsibilities as a dutiful daughter. Like the #7 train she takes to visit her Chinese family on a weekly basis, Wil is perpetually in transit between two worlds. Wil struggles to keep her budding relationship with gorgeous dancer Vivian (Lynn Chen) a secret while her widowed mother (Joan Chen) sets her up with eligible Chinese-American boys at the Friday Chinese socials. But everything changes when Wil comes home one night to find Mom on her doorstep – pregnant. Disgraced by the Chinese community, and with nowhere else to go, Mom moves in with her daughter. SAVING FACE is a romantic comedy about a daughter struggling to understand her mother’s heart and her own -- it is the story of unspoken loves, contemporary and cultural taboos and the journey of two women towards living their lives honestly. Discussion following screening with director Alice Wu. (not confirmed)



Tuesday, May 17 – 7:30 PM

Outfest Wednesdays

MY SUMMER OF LOVE, 2004, Focus Features, 84 min. Dir. Pawel Pawlikowski. Mona (Nathalie Press) and Tamsin (Emily Blunt) couldn’t be more different, but when they meet one summer they form a bond that is passionate, intoxicating and a bit dangerous. Hiding behind Mona’s spikey exterior is an untapped intelligence and a yearning for something beyond the emptiness of her small town life. Tamsin, on the other hand, is well-traveled, well-educated, spoiled and cynical. They are initially wary of each other’s differences but soon they join forces to rebel against their dysfunctional families and retreat into a world of secrecy and blossoming sexual attraction. Similar in tone to HEAVENLY CREATURES, this passionate, entertaining and mysterious drama features striking performances from its two lead actresses and exceptional music from cult-favorite electronica band Goldfrapp. Winner of the top prize at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and a BAFTA Award for Outstanding British Film of the Year.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


Thursday, May 26 – 7:30 PM

Outfest Wednesdays

5TH ANNUAL QUEER SHORTS PROGRAM: Ranging from the thrills of first love to the humor of mistaken identity, from innocent crushes to taboo affairs, this selection of shorts has something for everyone and is intelligent, entertaining and not to be missed! Paula Durette’s "Booty Dance" (4 min., USA). Imaginative, funny animated short that explores how lesbians and gay men can co-exist on the dance floor. Buboo Kakati’s "The Nearly Unadventurous Life of Zoe Cadwaulder" (12 min., USA). Lightning strikes in the form of a girl named Red. Mathieu Guez’s "The Last Night" ("L’ Ultima Notte, 19 min., Canada). A male/female couple hire a prostitute as a means to an end. Jonny McGovern’s "Gay Pimp Daddy" (4 min., USA). A funny spoof on the cliches of the rap video genre. L.A. Premiere! Aron Kantor’s "dirty glitter" (14 min., USA). An intoxicated hustler searches clubs and sex clubs for something in this stylish mix of animation and live-action. J.J. Sedelmaier’s "The Ambiguosly Gay Duo #10 – The Third Leg of Justice" (4 min., USA). Our heroes AND Jack Welch battle the forces of evil and bad décor. David Planell’s "Charisma" ("Carisma" 10 min., Spain). Female news junkies blissfully share headlines in this very dry comedy. P.A. Weite’s "Katia’s Husband’s Fridge" ("Le Frigo Du Mari De Katia, 16 min., France). A madcap group of Parisians get their wires crossed while delivering a dilapidated refrigerator. Neasa Hardiman’s "Olive" (11 min., Ireland). A shy 15-year-old is eased out of her shell in this sweet, funny coming of age story. Discussion following with director Aaron Kantor.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!




Wednesday, June 1 – 7:00 PM & 9:00 PM

[Spielberg Theatre]
INFLATED: The Blow Up Doll Films of Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins.
Sleazy Angelenos Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins have spent a decade making this collection of high-8 porn parodies starring a cast of inflatable blow-up dolls! The naughty adventures of the horny characters Candy and Summer are the sick by-product of homemade filmmakers obsessed with the back side of pop culture. Favorites of underground film festivals around the world, these shocking shorts feature bestiality, underage sex, devil worship, plushies and tube tops. It’s all here, lovingly pumped up and larger than life! Includes the shorts: DEEP AFRICA, SCOUT’S HONOR, TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT, I TOUCH MYSELF, LICK MY PUSSY DOG! and HAMBONE.
Due to scenes of graphic blow-up doll sexuality and adult subject matter, no one under 17 will be admitted to this screening.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!





Wednesday, June 8 – 7:30 PM

Outfest Wednesdays

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? 1962, Warner Bros., 134 min. Move over Freddie and Jason! Cinema's greatest battling monsters are back in black-and-white, and their battle royale is twice as terrifying, and five times as fabulous. Cinema legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford shine ... well, flicker, as washed-up showbiz sisters, living in a spooky old house in director Robert Aldrich's savage camp classic. Wizened old child-star "Baby" Jane Hudson (Bette), beyond bitter about her lost career, "cares" for invalid ex-actress sister Blanche (Joan) whom she blames for all her misfortunes. Their repartee is to die for, and Jane's special diet and exercise programs become more and more ... extreme as the twisted sisters quickly spiral downward in a high-pitched drama of dysfunction, madness and bitchery. An unforgettable valentine to faded glamour, tawdry Hollywood and one-liners that hit home like a kick in the ribs. Not to be missed!

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Wednesday, June 15 – 7:30 PM

Outfest Wednesdays

JE T’AIME MOI NON PLUS (I LOVE YOU NO MORE), 1976, Connaisance Du Cinema, 90 min. Director/singer/actor Serge Gainsbourg and his wife, actress Jane Birkin were the prime proponents of a bohemian, hedonistic lifestyle in Europe during the seventies, extolling the virtues of everything from free love and bi-sexuality to bacchanalian drinking and drugging. Here Gainsbourg helms one of his most infamous pictures, relating the funny, irreverent, sometimes tender, sometimes brutal tale of two free-wheeling gay garbagemen in the French countryside and what happens when one of them falls for a boyish-looking truck stop waitress. Krassky (Joe Dallesandro) finding himself suddenly obsessed with the androgynous waif, Johnny (Jane Birkin), alienates his lover/co-worker, Padovan (Hugues Quester) and love triangle pyrotechnics as well as scorching eroticism follows. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Gerard Depardieu in a cameo as a very odd country bumpkin with a thing for his horse. One of the legendary touchstones of transgressive seventies Euro-cinema! An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!

Discussion Following with Actor Joe Dallesandro.

Join us after the film (9:30 PM to midnight) at the Erotic Museum (6741 Hollywood Blvd.) for a tour with Curator Eric Singley, wine, music and mingling. Bring your ticket stub. Suggested donation $10.




Wednesday, June 22 – 7:30 PM

OutFest Wednesdays

STR8 TALK. From a young man’s sexual awakening to chance meetings and fleeting encounters, these winning shorts expose the loads of romantic trouble a str8 boy can get you into! Sidney Karger’s "Between 9 & 12" (USA, 6 min.) Phone sex while on-call gets out of hand for one harried, married man. Lori Munz & Andreas Munz’s "Eddie & Bert" (Germany, subtitled, 9 min.) A gay man pulls out all the stops in order to persuade the straight man he adores to give him just one dance; Larry Kenner’s "Spokane" (USA, 28 min.) Two men's chance encounter at a straight wedding reception brings about an unforgettably hot evening; Jonathan Wald’s "What Grown-Up’s Know" (Australia, 30 min.) Traveling with his clingy mother, a young man pursues the manager of an RV camp. An Egyptian Exclusive!



Wednesday, June 29 – 7:00 & 9:00 PM

Outfest Wednesdays

[Spielberg Theatre] JUCHITÁN QUEER PARADISE, 2003, 64 min. In this remarkable town in Oaxaca, Mexico, gays are accepted as simply a third sex. If a boy appears to be gay, his family considers it a joyful blessing; a man wanting to be a woman need only dress like a woman to be treated as such. This is not a modern social achievement, but an acceptance that has existed for generations. According to local legend, God gave Juchitán’s patron saint a bag full of homosexuals so he could leave one in each Latin American town. However, when the saint arrived there, all the homosexuals spilled out, creating this unique queer paradise. Director Patricio Henriquez’s extraordinary documentary presents a vivid portrait of a society where diversity is accepted and integrated into the community.

Plus Short: Director Alejandra Novoa’s "Mexican Lesbian March 2003" (Mexico, 2003, 33 min.) Women march on Mexico City to speak out about lesbian visibility and rights.

Presented in collaboration with: GLAAD’S People Of Color Media Program & Bienestar

An Egyptian Exclusive!


In August OutFest Wednesdays presents to the Best of Outfest 2005. For the schedule click here.



Wednesday, August 24 – 7:30 PM

Outfest Wednesdays

MARGARET CHO: ASSASSIN, (2005, USA, Video, 85 min.), Directed by Kerry Asmussen. The incomparable Margaret Cho roars back onto the screen with her latest concert, The Assassin Tour, recorded live in May of 2005 at the Warner Theater in Washington D.C. Uproariously funny, poignant and scathing, this is one event movie you won’t want to miss! ASSASSIN features fresh doses of Cho’s always groundbreaking, controversial and hilarious brand of humor from her critically acclaimed, State of Emergency tour. Discussion afterwards with Margaret Cho. Post-screening reception hosted by Absolut.


Wednesday, August 31 - 7:30 pm

UNVEILED (2005, Germany, 35mm, Subtitled, 97 min.) is a stunningly beautiful, deeply moving and ultimately universal story about an Iranian refugee struggling between survival in small-town Germany and her love for a local woman. Fariba, persecuted in Iran because of a lesbian relationship, flees to Germany and in order to survive assumes the identity of her male bunkmate. Striking cinematography and remarkable performances work together to tell a captivating story that reveals the struggles of refugees, the confines of gender and the power of love. Directed by Angelina Maccarone and written by Angelina Maccarone, Judith Kaufmann.



Wednesday, September 14 - 7:30 pm

MY HUSTLER Not the classic Andy Warhol film, but a collection of shorts about hustlers that we can (or might want to) claim as our own. Highlighting men for hire from around the world - Canada, New Zealand, France and the U.S. - these are the gritty, visually stunning stories of rent boys with depth, beauty and that irresistible hustler mystique.

"Room Service," directed by Daniel Reitz, (2004, USA, Video, 20 min.)

"Build," directed by Greg Atkins, (2004, Canada, Video, 23 min.)

"Boy," directed by Welby Ings, (2004, New Zealand, Video, 15 min.)

"Gigolo," directed by Bastian Schweitzer, (2004, Germany, 35mm, Subtitled, 15 min.)

"Gold," directed by Armen Kazazian, (2005, Canada, 35mm, 16 min.)


Monday, September 19 - 7:30 pm

Special Sneak Preview

PRIZE WINNER OF DEFIANCE OHIO, (2005, USA, 35mm, 99 min.) Written and directed by Jane Anderson. Based on a true story, THE PRIZE WINNER OF DEFIANCE OHIO stars four-time Academy Award nominee Julianne Moore, Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson and Oscar nominee Laura Dern in the story of a woman who defies the odds to keep a roof over her familyís heads. Evelyn Ryan (Julianne Moore) applies her remarkable resourcefulness and uncommon wit, to win the profitable jingle contests popular in the 1950s and ‘60s.


Thursday, September 22 - 7:00 pm & 9:00 pm

Winner: Outfest 2005 Grand Jury Award, Outstanding Actor

[Spielberg Theatre] THE RECEPTION (2005, USA, 80 min.) directed by John G. Young. During a frosty family gathering, a mother and daughter struggle to reconcile and overcome past bitterness, while a smoldering sexual attraction develops between the men they have chosen as partners. A superbly executed and fascinating study of family love, and love between black men.


Wednesday, October 5 - 7:00 pm & 9:15 pm 

Winner: Outfest 2005 Grand Jury Award, Outstanding American Narrative Feature [Spielberg Theatre] LOGGERHEADS (2005, USA, 94 min.) Outfest veteran Tim Kirkman (DEAR JESSE, THE NIGHT LARRY KRAMER KISSED ME) returns with this poignant tale beautifully interweaving three stories - each in a different year on Mother’s Day weekend in North Carolina. Mark (hunky and stunning Kip Pardue) is the gay drifter at the center of this triad. With a powerhouse cast that also includes Bonnie Hunt, Michael Learned, Tess Harper, Michael Kelly and Chris Sarandon, this Sundance favorite is sure to touch your heart.


Wednesday, October 12 - 7:30 pm

HARD PILL (2005, USA, Video, 95 min.) Written and directed by John Baumgarter. If a pill could make a gay person straight, would it ever be worth taking? When a lonely, frustrated gay man is given the opportunity to test such a pill, he sees a possible escape from the dead ends of his life. But can his friendships, his individuality and his very personhood survive this test? Fueled by a gifted cast and a deeply moving script, this suspenseful, provocative and imaginative film is guaranteed to spark conversation.




Wednesday, October 19 – 7:00 PM

BOOM!, 1968, Universal, 110 min. Director Joseph Losey's (THE SERVANT) adaptation of Tennessee Williams' play "The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore" positively defines the word ‘phantasmagorical.’ Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton star in perhaps their strangest roles, that of super-rich recluse Sissy Goforth and wandering harbinger of death, Chris Flanders, sequestered in Goforth's exotic Mediterranean island home. Mindblowing monologues on life, love, death, youth and growing old punctuated by eloquent purple prose adorn this campy legend, a thoroughly intoxicating carnival ride of the senses. Reportedly one of John Waters' favorite films. With Joanna Shimkus, Romolo Valli and a very queeny Noel Coward as 'The Witch of Capri.'

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!




Wednesday, October 19 - 9:30 PM


NOAH’S ARC, 2005, Logo. Director Patrick Ian Polk's TV series, produced by the new gay cable channel Logo, explores the lives of four gay black men in LA as they navigate complex romantic and professional relationships. The original Noah's Arc was an independently produced pilot, but the new version here has been re-cast and reshot with new actors. We are proud to present the season premiere of a fresh new series produced by Logo, based on the NOAH'S ARC pilot from Outfest 2004. NOAH'S ARC explores the lives of four black gay men in Los Angeles - Noah, Alex, Ricky and Chance - as they navigate complex romantic and professional relationships. Noah is a struggling screenwriter embarking on a relationship with a newly 'out' man; Alex is an HIV/AIDS counselor struggling to overcome the seven-year relationship itch; Ricky is a trendy Melrose boutique owner who shuns commitment in favor of casual flings; and Chance is a college professor reluctant to commit to his new boyfriend, perhaps with good reason. Often described as a black gay 'Sex in the City,' NOAH'S ARC offers a refreshing look at gay life in the City of Angels- with a uniquely diverse twist.
IN COLLABORATION WITH: Human Rights Campaign

Preceded by a reception in the Egyptian Theatre courtyard at 7:30 pm.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!




Wednesday, November 2 – 7:30 PM


THE GANG’S ALL HERE, 1943, 20th Century Fox, 103 min. Dir. Busby Berkeley. Alice Faye may get top billing, but this insane Busby Berkeley musical is famous for the chorines holding up giant bananas while Carmen Miranda sings "Lady in the Tutti-Frutti Hat". As a bonus, Edward Everett Horton, one of Hollywood’s greatest ‘sissies’ is featured. This is the kind of camp hoot enjoyed by our gay ancestors, but certain types of nuttiness never go out of style. Alonso Duralde, the arts and entertainment editor of the national gay and lesbian newsmagazine The Advocate, will be presenting and signing his new book, 101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men (Advocate Books, November 2005) after the screening.

IN COLLABORATION WITH: The Hollywood Entertainment Museum’s "Gay Hollywood" exhibit currently showing until December 4th.




Wednesday, November 9 – 7:00 PM & 9:00 PM [SPIELBERG THEATRE]

Winner: Outfest 2005 Grand Jury Award, Outstanding Documentary Feature

THREE OF HEARTS: A POST-MODERN LOVE STORY, 2004, 95 min. Steven, Sam and Samantha are three young, idealistic people in love...with each other. They think they have found the key to happiness in their polyamorous trio, but soon learn that their unconventional marriage is susceptible to very conventional heartaches. Filmmaker Susan Kaplan precisely and subtly documents over eight years of their 13-year journey revealing what each of them is learning that their happiness does not always come from the three of them being together, but from within their individual selves.




Friday, November 11 – 7:30 PM

Opening Night Gala!

Outfest’s Fusion is a consciously multi-ethnic, gender inclusive People of Color film festival. A collaboration between Outfest and dozens of local community-based organizations that serve LGBT People of Color communities, Fusion is a forum for films/videos, panel discussions, spoken word performances and community networking. (Part of Fusion: The 3rd Los Angeles LGBT People of Color Film Festival, November 11th-13th).




Wednesday November 23 - 7:30 PM

TRANSAMERICA, 2005, USA, 35mm, 103 min. DIR. DUNCAN TUCKER. Desperate Housewife Felicity Huffman delivers a tour de force performance in Duncan Tucker's audaciously entertaining, award-winning first feature. Bree, a highly educated, highly proper transsexual woman, is days away from her life's dream, the final round of gender-reassignment surgery. Her plans come to a screeching halt when she receives a surprising call about a troubled teenage son she didn't even know she'd fathered years ago. On the insistence of her therapist, Bree flys to New York to bail cute, profane, streetwise hustler Toby (Kevin Zegers) out of jail. Terrified of telling him who she really is, Bree impulsively poses as an earnest Christian missionary, which only prompts Toby to insist Bree take him to California to find his father. Thus, this wildly mismatched pair embarks on a cross-country road trip that inevitably transforms them both in this rollicking, smart, deeply moving debut film.
SPECIAL GUESTS: Calpernia Addams and Andrea Jones. COMMUNITY COLLABORATOR: Bienestar. PRINT COURTESY OF: Weinstein Company.





Wednesday November 30 - 7:00 PM & 9:00 PM


This accomplished program curated by QYN Youth Collective/REACH LA represents some of the best work made by queer youth today. Hector Flores and REACH LA’s "Riot Faggots" (2005, 10 min.) Three gay men move to fight machismo, starting a new breed of femmes - Revolution Faggot Style. Michael Andrews & Boston Glass’s "Two Sides, One Familiar Story" (2005, 6 min.) A video diary connects the L.A. and Boston LGBT youth scenes. Kristin Wygal & Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center’s "Skate Her" (2005, 6 min.) Explores the joys and challenges of a queer woman of color skateboarder. Isabel Ramirez & REACH LA’s "Boy Wonder" (2005, 6 min.) A young man struggles as a straight male provider by day and a transsexual prostitute by night. George Thomas & Boston Glass’s "The Re-enactment" (2005, 9 min.). A dramatic re-enactment of George’s ‘coming out’ to his family;. Harjant Gill & Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center’s "Everything" (2005, 7 min.) A young, gay South Asian man negotiates culture, prejudice and identity. Hector Flores & REACH LA’s "Blue Torn Petals" (2005, 3 min.) A visually poetic expression of frustration through a clouded window. Raquel Garcia & REACH LA’s "Miss-Understanding" (2005, 2 min.) A woman grows to understand her sexuality in this experimental video poem. Maria Cruz & Catey McSweeny & REACH LA’s "Queer Mexicana" (2005, 2 min.) Through spoken word a Mexican American woman accepts herself in an atmosphere of opposition. Linda OíCampo & REACH LA’s "A Lo Mejor" (2005, 5 min.) A transgender Mexican immigrant ventures through harsh, unpromising Los Angeles. Cassie & Ive Taylor-Crib & Boston Glass’s "Family Beginnings" (2005, 7 min.) With the birth of their daughter Kailani, two young parents learn lessons in patience. Alfredo Garcia & REACH LA’s "He Did It" (2005, 5 min.) Overcoming domestic violence and drug abuse, a boy takes control of his life. Daniel Flores & REACH LA’s "Perceptions Of Liberation" (2005, 5 min.) Challenging accepted notions of self, how do we allow ourselves to inhale life and exhale death? Winner: Outfest 2005 Audience Award, Outstanding Documentary Short : Christopher Harris & REACH LA’s "This Is How I Love You" (2005, 15 min.) A young man from South Los Angeles explores what its like to be black and gay.





Wednesday, December 7 - 7:30 PM


AUNTIE MAME, 1958, Warner Bros., 143 min. Dir. Morton DaCosta. We’re thrilled to ring out yet another year with an Outfest holiday tradition, the AUNTIE MAME extravaganza! Beloved comedienne and camp icon Rosalind Russell (GYPSY) commands center stage as eccentric socialite Mame Dennis, who throws the best parties and throws back the stiffest martinis you’ve ever seen. America’s favorite rich and eccentric relative, acting as a protector to a lonely young nephew, bravely faces the ravages of poverty, snobby stuffed shirts and romantic rivalry to emerge like a phoenix from her own ashes. Join a high-spirited audience of Mame-lovers as we celebrate the glory of Rosalind Russell and a magnificent supporting cast in this raucous, riotous, interactive screening of a movie masterpiece. This evergreen portrait of fabulousness is a queer classic to end all queer classics! Pre-Screening Reception Hosted by: Absolut

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Thursday, December 15 -- 7:00pm & 9:00pm OUTFEST

[Spielberg Theatre]

WTC VIEW, 2005, 102 min. Director Brian Sloan (Outfest ‘97 opener I THINK I DO) returns with this warm, moving human drama about friends and neighbors rebuilding a shattered world. Eric is a cute young man who, until September 11, 2001, enjoyed a reasonably happy life in New York, in a nice apartment with a glorious view of the World Trade Center. Since that date, he has been hiding out in his apartment, processing the tragedy -- as well as the recent losses of a boyfriend and a roommate. Encouraged by his friend Josie to shake it off and get back into life, his real chance for renewal comes as he meets with potential new roommates, who bring the craziness of urban life, and even the possibility of tenderness and love, back into his life.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!