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<<< March 2005 >>>

Special Events in March:



March 3 - 6


Los Angeles Premiere! Exclusive Engagement!

This rare chance to see live-action and animated short films nominated for this year’s Academy Awards will provide multiple viewing opportunities of magnificent work by short filmmakers.

A representative from Apollo Cinema, the distributor of Oscar Shorts will be on hand for the 8:00pm, Friday, March 4th and 8:00pm March 5th screening to discuss the mysterious process of how shorts in the Live-Action & Animation categories are qualified and and questions about the process, where to see and where to sell short films.

Please check for updates.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!

Jeff Fowler's "Gopher Broke" (US, 5 min, Animation). A hungry gopher devises a scheme that he hopes will provide him with a tasty snack. Taika Waititi and Ainsley Gardiner's "Two Cars, One Night" (New Zealand, 13 mins, Live-Action). As they wait for their parents in the parking lot of a motel bar, two boys and a girl begin a tentative friendship. Sejong Park's "Birthday Boy" (Australia, 10mins, Animation). Too young to realize its consequences, a little Korean boy plays at war while his father fights at the front. Ashvin Kumar's "Little Terrorist" (India, 15 mins, Live-Action). When a young Pakistani boy accidentally crosses the mine-strewn border into India in pursuit of his cricket ball, he is helped by a Hindu teacher. Chris Landreth's "Ryan" (Canada, 14 mins, Animation). Ryan Larkin, one of the most influential figures in Canadian animation, now lives on skid row following years of drug and alcohol abuse. Nacho Vigalondo's "7:35 in the Morning" (Spain, 8 mins, Live-Action). A woman enters the cafe where she has breakfast every morning and finds that all of the other diners are staring at their plates in silence. Student Academy Award Winner - Animation. Alex Woo's "Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher" (12 mins). It is 1941, and the United States is at war with Nazi Germany. The U.S. Government has just been informed that Eval Schnitzler has occupied a remote location near the mysterious source of the Amazon River. Convinced that his motives are more than leisurely, the United States sends Rex Steele, Nazi smasher extraordinaire, to find and foil Eval's evil plans. Andrea Arnold's "Wasp" (UK, 23 mins, Live-Action). Zoe is twenty-three years old and already the mother of four children. A chance meeting with an old flame offers her a temporary escape from her bleak life. Several of the filmmakers in person for introductions and discussions at various shows. Check website for updates.

Additional screenings in the Spielberg Theatre:

Thursday, February 24th, 8:00 PM

Friday, February 25th 8:00 PM

Saturday, February 26th - 5:00 PM & 8:00 PM

Thursday, March 3rd - 8:00 PM

Friday, March 4th - 8:00 PM

Saturday, March 5th - 5:00 PM & 8:00 PM

Sunday, March 6th - 1:00 PM



Tuesday, March 8 – 7:30 PM

New from Agnes Varda – Los Angeles Premiere!!

"In my films, I always wanted to make people see deeply. I don't want to show things, but to give people the desire to see." - Agnès Varda

CINÉVARDAPHOTO, 2004, Ciné-Tamaris, 96 minutes. With originality and consummate artistry, director Agnès Varda has produced dramatic features, quasi-musicals, cine-poems, essay films and documentaries. Her concern with the importance of images resonates throughout all of her films. But in the shorts that she brings together in the trilogy CINÉVARDAPHOTO, we find a direct engagement with photographs and their meanings in different contexts over a period of forty years:

"Ydessa, les ours et etc..." documents Toronto art collector Ydessa Hendeles's Teddy Bear Project, an exhibition of thousands of photographs featuring teddy bears. The daughter of Holocaust survivors who had lost all family memorabilia, Hendeles bought the photos - metaphorical traces of childhood, security and loving relations - over a period of ten years, finally exhibiting them as a contemporary art experience that addresses the history of the twentieth century. Through this groundbreaking curatorial approach, the exhibition questions the way personal and national identity are formed in the context of history; the parallel course of idyllic and civil life is just as present as atrocity, war, persecution and expulsion. Personal and original, this documentary presents a fascinating portrait of a gifted Canadian figure. In "Ulysse", Varda revisits an enigmatic photograph taken in Egypt twenty-eight years earlier. The film is a thoughtful and imaginative analysis of the meanings of images - mythological, allegorical, historical and personal. "Salut les Cubains" animates fifteen hundred of the more than four thousand photographs Varda took while vacationing in Cuba. Through montage, she makes the subjects of the photos sing and dance. She calls it Socialism and cha-cha-cha.

In French and English, with English Subtitles.
>> Also playing at the Aero on March 15.


Wednesday, March 9 – 7:30 PM


Join us for another round of laughter this year as we bring you some of the funniest shorts from the recent festival circuit. A great chance to see how comedy can transcend borders and speak universally when the filmmakers are in control of the script, the actors and the visuals. Several of the filmmakers will appear for a post-screening discussion. Jonny McGovern’s "Gay Pimp Daddy – Looking Cute" Los Angeles Premiere! (4 min, USA). A spoof of the typical rap video. Aundre Johnson’s "F#$#ing Hollywood" Los Angeles Premiere! (18 min., USA) A rollicking romp in this nightmarish comedy of errors. Olivier Venturini’s "In the Bathroom" Los Angeles Premiere! (8 min., UK). A hilarious battle of wills between a seemingly loving couple. David Harb’s "Cut and Run" Los Angeles Premiere! (15 min., USA). A tough-talking bounty fulfills his dream of entering beauty school. Jay Field’s "Displaced" (23 min., Canada). Director stars as a Frenchman who was mistakenly born into an English family. Unique and fresh! Neele Vollman’s "My Parents" (19 min, Germany). Multi-Award Winner! Marie is panicked about introducing her new boyfriend to her uncool parents. Discussion following with Aundre Johnson ("F#$#ing Hollywood") & David Harb ("Cut and Run"). An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


Thursday, March 10 – 7:30 PM


SAY YES QUICKLY, 2005, 88 min., USA. Deeply affected by the death of her 53-year old father, Hannah, a young southern woman (Suli Holum) locks herself in her Athens, Georgia room for a year to sort out her feelings. Writing about her experiences, growing up under the stern gaze of a deeply religious mother she doesn’t understand, Hannah cuts herself off from flesh and blood life. On the internet, Hannah falls into an intellectual affair with @lien, a faceless, placeless mentor who helps her turn her deepest thoughts into a novel. sayyesquickvegas.jpg (7978 bytes)

When her roommate forces her out to a concert, Hannah meets Henry (Brandon Bales), a quirky, charismatic trombonist with an unstudied zest for life and a police record for drug possession. Hannah falls for the offbeat Henry and when he decides to skip town to avoid charges, the two set off on a road trip to San Francisco where Hannah secretly hopes to meet @lien. But just when Hannah thinks her biggest dilemma is being torn between two lovers, her mother beckons and Hannah returns to the South to deal with a reality she never envisioned. This gothic southern romance is the directorial debut of BLAIR WITCH PROJECT producer Gregg Hale from a screenplay by Hale and Rachel Davis. Mellissa Berry and Bob Eick (BLAIR WITCH PROJECT) produced with Hale. Writing for Variety, Robert Koehler remarked that the two leads give the film "refreshing energy and humanity."

Preceded by the animated short film, Liz Blazer's "Backseat Bingo" (5.5 min., 2004, USA). Blazer uses cut out animation to illustrate interviews with senior citizens talking about sexuality. Discussion following with filmmakers of each film.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


Saturday, March 12  - 10:30 AM     

Egyptian Theatre Historic Tours &

10:30 AM Behind the Scenes Tour
11:30 AM, 2:00 PM & 3:30 PM FOREVER HOLLYWOOD


Sunday, March 13  - 10:30 AM     

Egyptian Theatre Historic Tours &
10:30 AM Behind the Scenes Tour

For the total “Old Hollywood” experience add a tour of the legendary 1922 Egyptian Theatre. See what it would have been like to be in a Grauman stage show with a visit to the dressing rooms and singers' boxes. Check out our state-of-the-art projection booth and more! Discover the painstaking restoration work and the marriage of modern technology with a landmark of Hollywood history.
Tickets: $5. Tour & movie: $10. Call 323.461.2020, ext. 3 for schedule changes. Screening Saturday & Sunday at 2:00 PM & 3:30 PM and with behind the scenes historic theatre tours (offered once a month).
11:30 AM, 2:00 PM & 3:30 PM


Sunday, March 13 – 5:00 PM

Harry Langdon – The Forgotten Comedy Genius of Silent Cinema

Film Historian Kevin Brownlow once pointed out "He is the comedian who has fallen furthest from fashion of all of them. Believe it or not, there used to be FOUR, not three, great comedians, and the fourth was always Langdon." The details of Harry "the sad clown" Langdon’s life are not well known. Born in 1884 in Council Bluffs Iowa, he began his career as a successful vaudeville comedian when he was very young. By 1906 he had his own show (which he performed with his wife Rose Musolff) and by 1923 he was quite familiar to both the public and the industry. He signed with Mack Sennett later that year and became immediately successful, primarily because Sennett and a tight group of collaborators (among them the director Harry Edwards) realized that Langdon’s power on screen was not his fast-rhythmic-slapstick, but rather his reserve, his naïve characterizations and his lovable bashfulness towards the women he secretly loves.

Langdon’s career did not end when the silent era ended. He appeared in many comic-talkie-shorts, some of them produced by big studios. His voice was recognizable for he acted in a very high tone, but these films definitely are not as notable as some of his silent masterpieces. Unlike Keaton (to whom Langdon has been often compared career-wise), Langdon’s legacy has not been properly rediscovered. The Landgon society on line ( cites: "Buster lived long enough to be rediscovered by a new audience, escaping obscurity. Like a fairytale prince under a spell, awaiting the kiss of wakefulness, Harry still waits for his time to come round again… One indisputable fact about Harry Langdon is that he died much too early for his own good." Today cinema lovers have been slowly re-considering Langdon’s importance and impact on film history.

The American Cinematheque is proud to present two of Langdon’s best-known films: TRAMP, TRAMP, TRAMP and LONG PANTS. Both prints have been provided by the Douris Corporation/The Rohauer Collection. We thank Tim Lanza for his help and support.

Double Feature:

TRAMP, TRAMP TRAMP, 1926, 65 min. (24fps) Director Harry Edwards. In a story co-written by Frank Capra, Harry (Harry Langdon) decides to compete in a cross country walking/hiking contest to impress his sweetheart Betty. After a number of adventurous circumstances where the quintessential Langdon emerges ("his best routines: throwing small stones at a tornado to scare it away, he spits at it in victory only to look down and have to wipe his spit off his lapel…he gets hung up on the fence nail, unaware that it is all that keeps him from dropping several hundred feet to the highway below" -- from the Rohauer Collection USA), our hero manages to pay his debts and marry the woman he loves. Also starring Joan Crawford. Edward Davis, Alec B. Franklin.

LONG PANTS, 1927, 54 minutes (24fps). Directed by Frank Capra. A tale of coming of age. Harry (Harry Langdon) is finally given the chance, by his over protective mother, to wear a pair of long pants. Growing up also means thinking of having a family. His marriage to childhood sweetheart Priscilla is taken for granted, even though he naively is secretly in love with independent Bebe Blair. Langdon is a master in picturing the innocent and touching juvenile lover. Indeed, his power as a comic is traceable to these fantastic moments of sweetness and sadness and not to slapstick gags. With Gladys Brockwwell, Al Roscoe, Priscilla Bonner.

>> Also playing at the Aero on March 6.



Monday, March 14 – 7:30 PM

Los Angeles Premiere – New from director Tim Hunter!

Free to members!

CONTROL, 2005, NuImage/Blockbuster/DEJ Productions, 104 min. Director Tim Hunter (RIVER’S EDGE, TV’s "Twin Peaks" and "Carnivale") returns with this sinister psychological crime drama starring Ray Liotta (NARC) and Willem Dafoe (PLATOON) as two men from opposite worlds trying to come to terms with their troubled pasts. Liotta plays Lee Ray Oliver, a violent sociopathic killer who's granted a second chance at life when Dr. Copeland (Dafoe), a pioneering pharmacologist offers him an experimental behavioral drug that promises to suppress his violent nature. Lee Ray's newfound life begins -- but he's continually haunted by his murderous past. As he tries to start over, he falls in love with Teresa, his beautiful yet cautious co-worker, played by Michelle Rodriguez (GIRLFIGHT.) It seems that Lee Ray is becoming a better person -- or is he? What dark impulses still drive him? And who are those people who still want to kill him? Hunter's self-styled 'B' picture -- shot in Bulgaria, doubling for an 'unnamed American city' -- promises plenty of plot twists and lots of action. Discussion following with director Tim Hunter and producer Randall Emmett. [Note: Cinematheque Members are admitted free to this screening with valid membership card.] An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


Tuesday, March 15 – 7:30 PM

Special Sneak Preview Screening!!


The groundbreaking Internet website Ain’t It Cool News and the American Cinematheque are joining forces once again to present a special Sneak Preview of an upcoming movie that we think is really exceptional and exciting.

OLDBOY, 2004, Tartan Films, 120 min. Winner of the 2004 Grand Prix at Cannes, the latest from white-hot Korean director Park Chan-Wook (SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE.) Oh Dae-su (Min-sik Choi) is an ordinary Seoul businessman with a wife and little daughter who, after a drunken nocturnal rampage, is locked up in a strange, private "prison". No one will tell him why he's there or who his jailer is. Through a TV news broadcast, he discovers he has been framed for his wife's murder. After 15 years (!), Dae-su finds himself unexpectedly deposited on a grass-covered high-rise roof. Determined to discover who had him locked up, the search will lead down dark corridors of the mind and soul, and into spectacularly violent confrontations. Also an official selection of the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, it will be released in the U.S. by Tartan Films in late March. >>Tuesday, March 22 at the Aero.

For more information see:




Wednesday, March 16 – 7:30 PM

Back By Popular Demand!

THE THING, 1982, Universal, 108 min. Director John Carpenter re-imagined the 1951 sci-fi classic THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD as something darker, fiercer and altogether more disturbing, pitting sombrero-wearing helicopter pilot Kurt Russell and a crew of Arctic scientists against a ravenous, shape-shifting alien being. From the haunting opening shots of a sled dog fleeing across the snow, to the apocalyptic, fire-and-ice ending, this ranks with Ridley Scott’s ALIEN as one of the finest and most beautifully-crafted sci-fi films of the past 25 years.



Thursday, March 17 – 7:30 PM

Les Classiques du Cinema Series:

BRONCO BULLFROG, 1970, 83 min. Director Barney Platts-Mills’s long-lost classic of late 1960’s British indie filmmaking is like an early Kinks or Pretty Things song brought to life: rude, raw and defiantly downbeat, with an amazing cast of non-pro actors headed by Del Walker as the diffident, welder’s apprentice "hero" of the film, and Anne Gooding as his 15-year old girlfriend, a dark-haired, East End version of Julie Christie hidden behind long tresses and a shy smile. There’s nowhere to go, nothing to do in this bleaker-than-bleak portrait of London teenagers – but strangely, the film has an uplifting feel to it, as you find yourself rooting, against all odds, for these beaten-down kids to somehow pull through. Call it a rough-trade QUADROPHENIA, or THE 400 BLOWS filtered through the no-illusions sensibility of early Mike Leigh or Ken Loach. By any standards, this is a real discovery – our thanks to the British Film Institute for restoring this long-overlooked gem. "A smashing Cockney film" – Penelope Gilliatt, New Yorker. "Crude and defiant, full of angry energy" – Jay Cocks, Time Magazine.

>> Also playing at the Aero on March 16.




Presented in conjunction with Cartoon Network, Lucasfilm, and ASIFA-Hollywood (International Animated Film Society)

March 18 – 19, 2005

Moscow-born creator/writer/director Genndy Tartakovsky parlayed a lifelong interest in comics, cartoons, and cinema into an array of pop culture hits for Cartoon Network since graduating from Cal Arts. First came the comical stylings of a neurotic boy scientist and his bungling older sister in "Dexter’s Laboratory," then Tartakovsky swapped funny for the fantastical in the visceral action epic, "Samurai Jack." Those renowned gigs—along with directing/producing stints on other cartoon staples like "The Powerpuff Girls"— netted the attention of George Lucas, who fulfilled Tartakovsky’s boyhood dreams, awarding him the chance to fill the void between EPISODES II and III with "Star Wars: Clone Wars," an animated supplement to the seminal sci-fi franchise. Tartakovsky has since begun his transition into features and is currently toiling away on a few pet projects. This two-night mini-tribute will feature everything from student films to sneak peeks at future projects, as well as a hearty helping of classic cartoons by some of Tartakovsky’s animation heroes. Genndy Tartakovsky will appear for an extended discussion each night.

This two-night mini-tribute will entail everything from student films to advance looks at future projects, as well as a hearty helping of inspirational material, comprised of shorts and clips.

Series Compiled by Jon M. Gibson and Dennis Bartok.

Special Thanks to: Cartoon Network; LucasFilm.


Friday, March 18 – 7:30 PM

Genndy Tartakovsky Tribute – Program #1

Encompassing many of his early, short works—including rarely seen, unreleased ditties from his days at Cal Arts, like "Changes," the basis for "Dexter’s Laboratory"—this first night chronicles Tartakovsky’s evolution as a filmmaker. Then, samplings of the first season of "Star Wars: Clone Wars"—as well as the ground-breaking two-part "Samurai Jack" episode, "Birth of Evil"—will be washed down by a few of Tartakovsky’s favorite classic cartoons from legends like Tex Avery (shown in 35mm glory). No doubt, there will be a few surprises, too—some never-before-aired… anywhere. Genndy Tartakovsky will appear for an extended discussion after the program, moderated by animation writer Jon M. Gibson.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


Saturday, March 19 – 5:00 PM

Genndy Tartakovsky Tribute – Program #2

Tonight’s clincher: the World Premiere of the entire second season of "Star Wars: Clone Wars," which Tartakovsky will have completed mere days before its debut. This second night also veers off the beaten path a bit to uncover the side-projects that have nabbed so much of his imagination, including interstitials he created for Cartoon Network based on vintage Hanna Barbara characters, as well as more inspirational offerings from the masters of animation. Genndy Tartakovsky will appear for an extended discussion after the program, moderated by animation writer Jon M. Gibson.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


Saturday, March 19 – 8:00PM

Genndy Tartakovsky Tribute – Program #3

CONAN THE BARBARIAN, 1982, Universal, 129 min. It’s no surprise that director John Milius’ brawny epic was a huge inspiration on Tartakovsky’s career, especially in the more recent "Samurai Jack" years. He cites the first 20 minutes of the Schwarzenegger-starrer as "flawless filmmaking," but is still partial to the rest of the feature, too. CONAN will be followed by hand-picked "Samurai Jack" episodes that Tartakovsky feels were influenced most heavily by the Oliver Stone-penned tale of a boy born to slavery, who muscles up and seeks sweet revenge on those who massacred the people of his village. Genndy Tartakovsky will appear for an introduction prior to the program, moderated by animation writer Jon M. Gibson.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


Sunday, March 20 – 6:00 PM

Roland West Tribute

Director Roland West (1887 – 1952) remains one of the most mysterious of the early 20th century filmmakers, a brilliantly original visual stylist given to fits of Gothic splendor, Germanic-influenced expressionism and, at times, downright avant-garde mise-en-scene. His career was all-too-brief, beginning in the mid-teens and ending in the early Thirties – but he created a number of dark, glittering jewels during that short period. We’re pleased to be able to present this one night tribute to an underrated, pioneering movie master, with two of his finest:

Double Feature:

THE BAT WHISPERS, 1930, Milestone Films, 82 min. Director Roland West’s sound remake of his earlier success, THE BAT, this time starring Una Merkel andBAT_WHISPERS.jpg (9739 bytes) Chester Morris, in the creepy story of a masked killer terrorizing an old mansion. West shot two versions of the film simultaneously, one in standard 1:33 aspect ratio and one in an experimental wide-screen format. The UCLA Film & Television Archive lovingly restored both versions and we'll be showing the more rarely-screened wide-screen print!

ALIBI, 1929, Douris Corp., 90 min. Director Roland West's crime film about unredeemed gangster Chester Morris illustrates his innovative use of the then-new medium of sound, plus his baroque visuals that were as much influenced by German expressionism as avant-garde experimentation. With art direction by William Cameron Menzies (GONE WITH THE WIND). An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Sneak Preview! FIXED, 2005, 93 min., USA. Writer/Director Neil Matsumoto (PHANTOM PAIN) returns to Alternative Screen with his latest film, the story of a quiet young man (Jason Van Over) on the fringes of L.A.’s art scene -- whose strong desire to focus on his artwork results in taking drastic measures to free himself from sexual distractions. Along the way he meets Deanna (Tina Holmes ) a rising art star and Frederick (Stephen DeCordova), a wealthy, older art patron who offers assistance that makes Matthew uncomfortable. Neil Matsumoto is one of the founders of the Los Angeles Filmmaking Collective Alpha 60. Discussion following with Neil Matsumoto, producer Lewis Haidt and additional cast and crew.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Sunday, March 27 – 5:00 PM

The American Cinematheque and "Underground Garage" Sirius Satellite Radio present

ROCK IS FIFTY! Special 50th Anniversary Screening!!

Please join us for a special screening of THE BLACKBOARD JUNGLE (1955, Warner Classics, 101 min., dir. Richard Brooks, starring Glenn Ford and Sidney Poitier), to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the film’s first general release on March 25th, 1955. In addition to its considerable merits as a searing social drama, the movie was also unwittingly responsible for jump-starting rock ‘n’ roll. Its soundtrack use of Bill Haley and The Comets’ "Rock Around The Clock" led directly to the song’s breakthrough success. It went Number One worldwide, eventually selling 25 million copies. The rest was hysteria … The screening of BLACKBOARD JUNGLE will be followed by a discussion   with cast members Paul Mazursky and Jamie Farr, star Glenn Ford’s son and biographer, Peter Ford, Joel Freeman - assistant director - and the five surviving members of the original incarnation of The Comets: Johnny Grande (piano), Marshall Lytle (bass and vocals), Joey Ambrose (saxophone and vocals), Dick Richards (drums), and Franny Beecher (lead guitar). The Comets reformed in 1987 and are still performing together as a band, ranging in age from 71 to 83! (musician and "Underground Garage" radio creator Steven Van Zandt unfortunately will not be able to appear as was previously announced.

Followed by a screening of ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK, 1956, Columbia, 77 min., Dir. Fred F. Sears. Featuring Bill Haley & The Comets as an unknown band discovered in a small town who migrate to the Big Apple to make it big with the help of Alan Freed. Legendary performances by Bill Haley as well as The Platters..

Special Thanks to Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and the "Rock Is Fifty!" Honorary Committee.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!