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<<< August 18 - 19, 2006 >>>

Ram Gopal Varma and Company: Indian Goodfellas


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This series is an Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


 Maverick Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma burst on the scene in 1990 with his startling debut, the groundbreaking crime film SHIVA. Previously an assistant director, no one was quite prepared for this southern India native abruptly taking the Indian film industry by storm. Although he has gone on to great success making more traditional Bollywood type films, Varma has also remained true to his roots, not only still directing gritty underworld sagas and creepy horror pictures, but producing debut efforts as well by a number of other audacious young directors, mostly in the crime genre. Just now starting to receive recognition in festivals in the west, Varma is taking no prisoners with the brand new remake of his initial SHIVA (which will receive it's World Premiere in this series), a runaway mad bull of a movie chronicling one young cop's struggle with corruption. We'll also be screening Varma's acclaimed magnum opus of the Mumbai underworld, COMPANY from 2002. Plus two efforts produced by Varma: director Sriram Raghavan's volcanic 2004 epic of a wronged woman's vendetta against her criminal boyfriend, EK HASINA THI (aka THERE WAS A BEAUTIFUL GIRL); and first time director Shimit Amin's shocking AB TAK CHHAPPAN (aka 56, SO FAR), the chronicle of an "encounter specialist," a cop who acts as a secretly-sanctioned hitman of criminals. Ram Gopal Varma is "...a major discovery on the film festival circuit - a director of the caliber of Tsui Hark and Johnnie To - who hasn't received the international attention he deserves." - Film Comment




Friday, August 18 – 7:30 PM

Double Feature:

World Premiere! SHIVA, 2006, The Factory, 130 min. Director Ram Gopal Varma remakes his first breakout movie from 1990 as a big-budget action picture about law enforcement corruption. One of the most anticipated Bollywood films of the year, it stars Mohit Ahlawat as a cop just out of the police academy, unpreprared for the harsh realities that await him. With Nagajuna, Nisha Kothari. In Hindi with English Subtitles.

L.A. Premiere! EK HASINA THI (aka THERE WAS A BEAUTIFUL GIRL), 2004, The Factory, 145 min. Dir. Sriram Raghavan. A gothic women’s revenge film that starts like a heavenly romance but ends up in hell. Longtime Ram Gopal Varma actress, Urmila Matondkar, stars as a buttoned down office worker who falls in love with a guy who’s just mysterious enough to make her feel sexy and special. In love for the first time in her life, her icy shell quickly melts, and soon she’s a dewy-eyed lovebird. Even after she takes the rap for his crimes and is sent to prison, she still can’t believe that her man has done her wrong. But it doesn’t take too long for the rat-infested hell where she’s been sequestered to flip her switch. What her ex-beau (hunky Saif Ali Khan) didn’t count on is that this pouting, pretty girl has a screw loose, and it’ll take more bullets and bodies than he can throw at her to stop her revenge. The highlights from every female action movie ever made are stitched together into this insane Frankenbeast of a film, produced by Ram Gopal Varma, that comes screaming at you with blood under its nails and a mad, empty gleam in its eyes. In Hindi with English Subtitles.


Saturday, August 19 – 7:30 PM

Double Feature:

COMPANY, 2002, The Factory, 155 min. The epic saga of the rise and fall of an international criminal cartel and the men and women who built its marble halls on a mountain of corpses. Combining Francis Ford Coppola’s panoramic sweep and Martin Scorsese’s delicate touch with actors, director Ram Gopal Varma delivers one of the greatest crime stories to hit the screen since GOODFELLAS. Malik (Ajay Devgan) recruits slum-thug, Chandu (Vivek Oberoi) to beef up his side in an internal war. Together, the two build an international business consisting of extortion, murder and movie producing! Virtuoso sequences are thrust at the viewer like candy: rainy hits, subterranean negotiations, blood-slimed power plays, and a bravura setpiece which proves that while the cell phone is mightier than the gun, the gun is a lot more satisfying. "Ram Gopal Varma brings us an intense film with a dark message...first and foremost, this is one of the finest group of performances from an ensemble cast that I have seen since Steven Soderbergh´s TRAFFIC." - Planet Bollywood. "…certainly ranks as one of Bollywood’s best of 2002."- Derek Elley, Variety. In Hindi and English with English Subtitles.

L.A. Premiere! AB TAK CHHAPPAN (aka 56, SO FAR), 2004, The Factory, 129 min. In Mumbai, there are incidents between police and thieves where the bad guys wind up mysteriously dead and no witness can be found to say who pulled the trigger. This is the work of "encounter" specialists, cops who work as hitmen for the department, rubbing out criminals on command. Produced by Ram Gopal Varma and directed by first-timer Shimit Amin, this is the story of just such a cop whose days are swiftly drawing to a close. Sadhu (the great Nana Patekar) is the doomed encounter specialist with 56 notches on his belt, and competing with a colleague to get to number 57. Sadhu cooly threatens gangsters on his cell phone while driving his wife to work, interrupts casual conversations with a bullet and fabricates evidence as easily as breathing. The movie is loosely based on the life of Daya Nayak, a gregarious, glad-handing vegetarian who is also a real-life encounter specialist claiming to have survived 83 encounters in three years. Ruthlessly realistic, this is crime film where the "good" guys are murderers and the only rich people are crooks! In Hindi with English Subtitles.