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Series programmed by: Gwen Deglise & Grant Moninger.

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The American Cinematheque is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization.
The Film Programs of the American Cinematheque are presented at the newly re-opened and renovated Aero Theatre at 1328 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and at the magnificently renovated, historic 1922 Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. Located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard.
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Special One Night Events & Limited Engagements in November:



Wednesday November 5 – 7:30 PM

ED WOOD, 1994, Disney, 127 min. Director Tim Burton’s unabashed love for his subject makes this 1994 biopic of the director of the "worst movie ever made" (that would be PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE - See it Nov. 2) a perversely uplifting experience, although in reality its title character’s life was anything but happy. Johnny Depp portrays legendary schlock director Ed Wood as an enthusiastic hero of the cinema, a man whose love for moviemaking is so intense that it almost makes the quality of his work irrelevant. Just as P.T. Anderson would do three years later with BOOGIE NIGHTS, Burton depicts a group of disreputable filmmakers who form an alternative family unit—and since that family includes Martin Landau (in an Oscar-winning performance), Jeffrey Jones and Bill Murray, the results are sublime. Trailer | Ebert Review Discussion following with actor Martin Landau, writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski.




Wednesday, November 12 – 7:30 PM

Nick Broomfield In-Person!

Los Angeles Premiere! BATTLE FOR HADITHA, 2008, 97 min. A film ripped from the newspaper headlines: It's a powerfully raw and plausible verite-style reconstruction of a skirmish during which a U.S. Marine was blown up and, in retaliation, 24 Iraqi civilians were shot. "BATTLE FOR HADITHA is a searing eye-opener of a docu-style drama - an often brilliant attempt by Nick Broomfield to reveal the war, from both sides, at ground level. We see the nuts and bolts of how desperate insurgents plant and detonate a roadside bomb, and then we see the U.S. retaliation, as Broomfield re-stages one of the war's notorious calamities, a slaughter of civilians in Haditha." - Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly More on this Film | Trailer Discussion following with director Nick Broomfield.



Tuesday, November 18 - 7:30 PM

ITVS Community Cinema:

I.O.U.S.A. , 2008, 85 min.Dirs.Patrick Creadon and Christine O'Malley. The Independent Television Service is proud to offer I.O.U.S.A. as a special presentation of the Community Cinema program. As the Baby Boomer generation prepares to retire, many experts warn that if we continue down this financial road, America will be flat broke in a generation. In I.O.U.S.A., Director Patrick Creadon looks at how America must mend its spendthrift ways or face an economic disaster of epic proportions. FREE ADMISSION!



Wednesday, November 19 – 7:30 PM


We have revamped, "gussied up" and restructured our popular "Complete Guide To The Short Film" and turned it into a TALK SHOW complete with special guests who are ready to deliver all the information and "insider talk" of the world of the short film direct to you!

Whether you are looking to obtain information on Short Film Distribution, Short Film Grants, Short Film Writing Labs, "secret tips" to getting the most festival play for your short, we¹ve got it all for you in one place!

And get this!!! We will even be including a segment where you 'pitch' your short film to our short film industry professionals they will strategize a film festival plan for you on the spot!

The world of the short film is changing quickly. In fact, not since the ".com era" of the 1990s have we seen such rethinking of how the short film figures into overall landscape of the entertainment industry.

There are literally thousands more film festivals to consider as you move your short film out to festival audiences. Today, besides cable television play to help your short film find an even larger audience, you have to contend with the options of Video-On-Demand, DVD collections, pod casts, airline broadcast and the prospects of a 24-hour a day Short Film cable television network that reaches an estimated 9 million people.

But don't stop there! What about those 1000s of Internet sites available to you to post your film on, some of which are willing to pay to license your film? And what about the advantages of showing your film on your own web site or your favorite social networking site (FACEBOOK, MYSPACE etc) to help people discover you and advance your career?

What is a "festival" short? What is the difference between a Sundance short, a Cannes short and a Short Film Festival short? What is the design of "internet" short? What does the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences look for in a short film? What is the definition of the most desirable form ofshort for a short film distributor? A short film festival programmer?

So join us for the first edition of the American Cinematheque¹s SHORT FILM TALK SHOW, as we turn our total attention to unraveling the whole, overwhelming and complex world that today's short filmmaker must deal with to take good care of their films!

Guests on the American Cinematheque¹s SHORT FILM TALK SHOW included:

Kim Adelman, Author, The Ultimate Filmmaker Guide To Short Films/ Short Film Columnist, Indiewire

Kimberley Browning, Executive Director, Hollywood Shorts/Executive Producer, Griffith Place Films

Andrew Crane, Short Film Programmer, American Cinematheque

Elizabeth Leidt, Acquisitions Manager, Shorts International

Linda Olszewski, Acquisitions, Shorts International

Amanda Sweikow, Executive Director, Filmmakers Alliance/Los Angeles Short Filmmaking Competition Grant

Saskia Wilson-Brown, Manager VC2 Outreach, Current TV

Hosted By Independent Film Consultant Thomas Ethan Harris

Whether the recent renewed vitality of the short film is based on the rise of consumer podcasts, the content-crazed appetite of the Internet or the appearance of the world's first short film television network, there's no denying it's a BIG world out there for these "little" movies. Uncover a wealth of information on short filmmaking trends, current channels of distribution and film festivals in this seminar that puts a big, EXCLUSIVE spotlight on quick flicks! Independent Film Consultant Thomas Ethan Harris instructs. Tickets: $20 General Admission, $15 Student/Senior with valid I.D.; $12 Members of the Cinematheque.

Canceled! Thursday, November 20 – 7:30 PM

Sneak Preview! THE SOLOIST, 2008, DreamWorks. This film's release has been changed to March so it is not available to screen right now as was previously announced.




Friday, November 21 – 7:30 PM

Samuel Jackson’s Classic Performances Double Feature:

PULP FICTION, 1994, Miramax, 153 min. Quentin Tarantino’s dazzling, nitro-fueled homage to 1930s crime fiction, Elvis Presley flicks, Los Angeles diners, Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Melville and much more was easily the most audacious and exciting American film of the 1990s. The movie’s brilliant, against-type casting includes John Travolta (in a career-reviving performance), Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitel, Eric Stolz, Maria de Medeiros, Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer, Christopher Walken and Ving Rhames. Nomnated for 7 Oscars and winner for Best Screenplay. Winner of LAFCA Awards for Best Picture, Actor (Travolta) and Screenplay (Tarantino and Roger Avary). Official Website | Trailer

JACKIE BROWN, 1997, Miramax, 154 min. Director Quentin Tarantino followed up PULP FICTION with a more subtle and adult but equally entertaining crime film. Adapting Elmore Leonard's novel Rum Punch, Tarantino tells the exciting, funny and ultimately touching story of a tentative romance between a bail bondsman (Robert Forster) and flight attendant (Pam Grier) whose lives have not gone as planned. When Grier gets caught smuggling cash for arms dealer Samuel L. Jackson, a cycle of double-crosses and betrayals is set into unpredictable motion, expertly staged and written by Tarantino. Co-starring Robert De Niro as Jackson’s hopelessly institutionalized and ill-fated ex-con accomplice. Trailer | Ebert Review Samuel L. Jackson will be receiving the Cinematheque Award on December 1, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel (For tickets and more information call: Mann Productions, 323-314-7000).