Join us for a movie-scavenger hunt combo! The Go Game is a fast-paced, high-tech, real-life adventure game like nothing you've ever experienced. Solve clues and perform challenges as you scramble around Hollywood Boulevard for fun and prizes. Visit www.thegogame.com for more info. Special Tickets Prices: Movie & Scavenger Hunt: $32 General Admission; $30 Student/Senior and $28 Cinematheque Members. Film only regular prices apply.

Co-director David Wechter will appear for discussion following the film.

In celebration of Disney's cult classic, family favorite scavenger

hunt movie MIDNIGHT MADNESS, the Egyptian Theater teams up with The

Go Game for a complete, interactive night of fun and games. Bring a

team or come meet and play with new friends and get ready for a crazy

creative night of sleuthing, solving, and silliness.


After a short debrief, every team gets a wireless web-enabled cell

phone that acts as your guide to the game zone. Race around Hollywood

Boulevard gathering information, solving clues, and performing

stunts. But players beware! Incognito agents are all around you, some

to help you with a valuable password, some to lead you astray with

false information. ANYONE could be in on the game. Teams also compete

to take the funniest photos and videos, which are shown later on the

big screen. Then, the audience votes on the winners! It's part

Mission: Impossible, part America's Funniest Home Videos, and

completely indescribable. Best show up and play for yourself!




Scavenger Hunt Check in 3 – 3:30 PM

Orientation is 3:30 – 3:45 PM

Scavenger Hunt is 3:45 - 6 PM

7:30 PM Scavenger Hunt Awards Presentation in the Rigler in front of a live audience (this is a fun look at video and stills gathered during the scavenger hunt and the audience votes for winners by applause.

8:00 PM is Showtime for Midnight Madness

Dinner Break:

Those who participate can have a dinner break before coming back for the film.

Neighborhood restaurants within short walking distance will be offering dinner deals.

Mel's Drive-In is offering 10% discount coupons to all players, Miceli's Restaurant and Skooby's Hot Dogs is offering a 15% discount. Available at check-in for the game.



Special Tickets Prices: Movie & Scavenger Hunt: $32 General Admission; $30 Student/Senior and $28 Cinematheque Members. Ages 6 – 9 $15. Children 5 and under are free. Film only regular prices apply.

We will sell a very limited number of tickets at the door because Go Game needs to have an advance number to work from to figure out how many game facilitators and equipment kits they need.

You will be emailed a welcome packet with some tips for making your day playing the game a success. Please make sure to e-mail info@americancinematheque.com to let us know that you bought a ticket on www.fandango.com



You can make your team beforehand or arrive and be teamed up. The Go Game is a good way to meet new people.

Teams of 8 are recommended although people can play with up to 13.


Who Can Play?:

The Game is recommended for people 10 years of age and up who are able to walk at the level of a walking tour. No one will be forced to climb stairs, but someone on the team should be able to as some clues will involve moderate stair climbing. Someone in a wheelchair can play, but may not be able to get into every area. Again, as long as one person on the team can do the climbing it will all work out. The purpose of the Game is to have fun.

People play the game at different levels of competitiveness so people who really want to bring strollers, babies and children under 10 can, but should play with others who are not playing in a fiercely competitive manor because they will be slowed down.


How does it work?:

The Game starts in the Egyptian Theatre Courtyard rain or shine. All the teams are handed one kit which includes a wireless phone, digital camera and their first clue. After that, the cell phone uses text to give the next clue and you have to solve each clue along Hollywood Blvd. You will be asked to take photos and videos with the provided camera.

The game will involve some clues that relate to Midnight Madness so players familiar with the film will have an advantage.

Players can race through the game or solve a clue and then relax and then go on to your next clue. Everyone must stop at 5:45 PM and meet back in the courtyard to turn in the equipment.

Players will be asked to sign a standard liability agreement prior to playing.

One person from each team will be asked to give their driver’s license and credit card to Go Game in exchange for the equipment kit for the duration of the Game. No charges will be placed on the card. Upon return of the equipment driver’s license and credit card will be returned to player.

Bathroom facilities available at the Egyptian Theatre & Hollywood and Highland.


Where does it go?

The Game is played on Hollywood Blvd. from La Brea to Schrader. The random routes are linear so no one will traverse back and forth. All areas the players enter have been pre-advised and permission has been granted.


What to Wear or Bring:

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. The Game is primarily played outdoors so bring sweaters or jackets, sunscreen or sun hats and glasses accordingly. You might want to bring a pen to take some notes when solving clues. Bring your cell phone. There will not be a place to store heavy bags or backpacks during the Game so leave them in your car or at home for the day.

Participants are welcome to bring their own still cameras, but the team will be provided with one for the day and are encouraged to take lots of photos of the experience. These will all be uploaded to the Go Game website and each team will have a log in password to access the photos after the Game.

The Go Game requests that participants leave their video cameras at home. The content of Go Game is proprietary and should not be recorded during play.

Added Interest:

Play the game with one of the film’s two directors, David Wechter!