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Outfest Wednesdays:


The American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre and Outfest collaborate to present gay and lesbian programming on Wednesdays at the Egyptian. Outfest Wednesdays is the only gay and lesbian-themed weekly screening series in the country. Founded in 1999, the programming features favorites from past festivals, Hollywood revivals, filmmaker retrospectives and sneak preview and word of mouth screenings of upcoming releases. For more information about Outfest see

Some evenings are in the 78 seat Steven Spielberg Theatre. Those films will screen twice the same night.

Discuss this series with other film fans on:






Wednesday, January 9 – 7:30 PM


2 MINUTES LATER, 2007, 76 min. Directed by Robert Gaston. The queer pleasures are endless in this entertaining thriller. Abigail, a beautiful femme-dyke private investigator, teams up with macho gay guy Michael to investigate the vanishing of Michael's twin, an erotic portrait photographer with a bad reputation. When Michael poses as his brother, potential suspects emerge from the woodwork. Amid the suspense, hilarious one-liners and abundance of full-frontal male nudity, 2 MINUTES LATER successfully keeps audiences riveted, laughing and definitely turned on. Discussion following with director Robert Gaston and actor Jessica Graham.




Wednesday, January 16 – 7:30 PM


OF MEN AND GODS, 2002, Haiti, 52 min. Dir. Anne Lescot. This exceptional documentary shot in Haiti is about the intersection of a gay subculture and Voodou. The encounter of these two worlds leads us into a powerful, mystical and symbolic environment where freedom of being, of existing, and of incarnating the gods is expressed through theatrics and deep emotion. Through this we learn of the need these men have to find meaning to their lives in a society where homosexuality is still a taboo subject. Through Voodou, some homosexual Haitians find an explanation to their sexuality, and regard themselves as "children" of the gods, therefore provided with protection.This same divine protection is also what forces the civilian society to accept and respect these men, though with limitations. A riveting exploration of a very sensitive topic, helped immensely by touching characters who bear a will to live and to be who they are regardless of the obstacles met on their way. In French Creole with English subtitles.




Wednesday, February 6 – 7:30 PM


VICTOR VICTORIA, 1982, Warner Bros., 132 min. Dir. Blake Edwards. Oscar season is upon us so it is only appropriate to celebrate awards fever with a screening of seven-time Oscar-nominated musical VICTOR VICTORIA, winner for Best Original Song Score in 1982. It’s the 1930s in Paris, and singer Victoria Grant (Julie Andrews) finds herself struggling to make ends meet. In a moment of self-preservation, Victoria agrees to pose as a man impersonating a woman, taking on her friend and co-conspirator Toddy (Robert Preston) as her gay lover. But this perfect plan only goes so far when super straight Chicago gangster (James Garner) senses something is amiss when he starts falling for "Victor." Co-starring Leslie Ann Warren. Leslie Ann Warren will appear in person for discussion.


Wednesday, February 20 – 7:30 PM


WITH YOU! 2006, 68 min. Director Yaniv Dabach’s documentary follows New York City’s first gay rugby club, the Gotham Knights, as its coaches and players strive to prove to themselves and to their more established opponents that they have what it takes to become a real team. For some players, who were unable or unwilling to participate in team sports when younger due to their sexuality, the Knights offer an opportunity to experience feeling part of a team for the first time. For others, the team allows them to form genuine friendships with gay men without seeking sex or romance. As the camera follows the diverse men who make up the team from practice sessions to numerous action-packed games, what emerges is a sense of true brotherhood and a love for the game. Discussion following with director Yaniv Dabach. POST-EVENT RECEPTION HOSTED BY: ABSOLUT




Wednesday, March 5 – 7:30 PM


THE STRANGE ONE, 1957, Sony Repertory, 99 min. Dir. Jack Garfein. Ben Gazzara has a field day in his screen debut as a warped military-school student with a brutal iron grip on his fellow classmates. Based on THE GRADUATE author Calder Willingham's novel End As A Man, THE STRANGE ONE is unique as one of the few projects developed by the Actors Studio (where it began as an Off-Broadway play) that made it intact to the screen. The political allegory and sado-masochistic and gay subtexts right below the surface caused considerable controversy on the film’s initial release. With George Peppard (also in his first feature film), Pat Hingle. Read more about this movie. Actor Paul Richards will join us for a discussion following the film. Alex Fernandez will moderate.




Wednesday, March 26 – 7:30 PM


CRUISING, 1980, Warner Bros. Classics, 106 min. A bleakly chilling emotional travelogue of desperation, loneliness and spiritual hunger, Al Pacino stars as a naïve undercover cop who descends into the leather bar underworld of New York’s gay S&M scene to ferret out a serial killer. Widely condemned and misinterpreted on its initial release, CRUISING emerges today as one of director William Friedkin’s major works -- it succeeds as a police procedural, a horror film (there are scenes every bit as terrifying as THE EXORCIST) and a saga of one man’s confrontation with his disintegrating, "decent" self-image. With Paul Sorvino. Featuring a terrific score by composer Jack Nitzsche, with songs by The Germs.




Wednesday, April 2 – 7:30 PM


FINN’S GIRL, 2007, 88 min. Dir. Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert. Winner of Outstanding Emerging Talent, Outfest 2007. Finn, a flirtatiously confident and workaholic doctor, has dedicated her life to running her late partner Nancy’s abortion clinic while raising their daughter Zelly. When a charming pair of surveillance cops arrives on the scene, they provide more than protection for Finn and Zelly - particularly Diana, the female partner of the duo. Gracefully balancing the intrigue of a mystery/suspense film with smart domestic drama, FINN’S GIRL delivers a refreshingly sophisticated, original story.




Wednesday, April 30 – 7:30 PM


In Collaboration with the American Civil Liberties Union.

THROUGH THICK AND THIN, 2007, 77 min. Dir. Sebastian Cordoba. Winner of the Freedom Award, Outfest 2007. Love knows no bounds, but for most bi-national gay and lesbian couples, it does know borders. This gripping documentary highlights the seemingly insurmountable odds facing gay and lesbian couples, regardless of citizenship, when they fall in love. At the courts’ mercy, couples’ careers, home life and safety are threatened by governments that refuse to recognize their relationships. Tender and inspiring, THROUGH THICK AND THIN skillfully depicts the tricky navigations that couples make to stay together. Official website. Discussion following with director Sebastian Cordoba.




Wednesday, May 7 – 7:30pm


WATER LILLIES (NAISSANCE DES PIEUVRES), 2007, Koch Lorber Films, 85 min. Dir. Celine Sciamma. This feature directorial debut staring newcomers Pauline Acquart (Marie), Louise Blachère (Anne) and Adèle Haenel (Floriane), explores the vast theme of nascent teenage sexuality through the relationships of three 15-year-old girls who compete in their school’s synchronized swimming team. Together, they confront the confusion and cruelty of adolescence while learning about love and desire. The aquatic setting enhances the amorphous, fleeting nature of their interactions. In French with English subtitles.




Wednesday, May 21 – 7:30 PM


THE EDGE OF HEAVEN, 2007, Strand Releasing, 116 min. Born in Germany of Turkish parentage, filmmaker Fatih Akin's newest film is an utterly assured and profoundly moving study in which the lives of six people -- four Turks and two Germans -- crisscross through love and tragedy. Akin continues his insightful exploration of the things that divide and bridge two seemingly different cultures and generations to arrive at the universal. The film starts Turkey's revered Tuncel Kurtiz and Fassbinder icon Hanna Schygulla, with a cast of talented performers. Winner - Best Screenplay Award, Cannes Film Festival 2007 and Winner - Best Screenplay Award, European Film Awards 2007. In German, Turkish and English, with English subtitles. Strand Releasing opens the film in Los Angeles on May 30th. For more information, please visit




Wednesday, May 28 – 7:30 PM


New Restored and Uncensored 35mm Print

"Un Chant d’Amour" ("A Song of Love") 1950, 25 min. Dir. Jean Genet. Outlaw writer Jean Genet (author of subversive classics The Thief’s Journal and Our Lady of the Flowers) originally made the silent film "Un Chant d’Amour" for Parisian gay porn collectors. Set in a prison, the sexual fantasies of the prisoners are played out in the sadomasochistic environment of their surroundings. Banned in France upon its release for explicit sexuality, the film is voyeuristic and erotic while remarkably poetic and romantic. Genet’s sole directorial effort has proved its importance in queer film culture, influencing works from Andy Warhol to Todd Haynes.

GENET, 1981, 52 min. Director Antoine Bourseiller’s fascinating documentary focuses on enfant terrible Jean Genet as he speaks candidly in 1981 about his prison experiences, his sexuality and his work. More about this film.




Wednesday, June 4 – 7:30 PM


Sneak Preview:

SAVAGE GRACE, 2008, IFC Films, 94 min. Tom Kalin, the director of SWOON (a look at the Leopold and Loeb case) returns with another tale of true-life crime played out by fascinatingly flawed, but beautiful characters. Stunning, charismatic Barbara Daly (Julianne Moore), a former actress, has married above her class to the dashing heir to the Bakelite plastics fortune, Brooks Baekeland (Stephen Dillane). Her erratic behavior infuriates and embarrasses her husband and their marriage is on rocky ground when their only son, Tony (Eddie Redmayne), is born. Socialite Barbara’s love for her son knows no bounds, but as he awakens to his homosexuality, it destroys his relationship with his father. As Brooks eventually strays from the family, Barbara comes to rely on young Tony as a companion, nursemaid and therapist and their existences become increasingly and unnaturally intertwined. With lush period detail, the film spans 1946 to 1972, as the Baekelands pursue social distinction and elusive happiness against a backdrop of ever-changing locales from New York to Paris, Cadaques to Mallorca and London where a final, unspeakable tragedy ensues. Screenwriter Howard L. Rodman adapts from Natalie Robins and Stephen M.L. Aronson’s award-winning book. "It’s one warped, sexy, decadent, sophisticated movie…" – Anne Thompson, Variety  View Trailer






Wednesday, June 18 – 7:30 PM


THE CURIOSITY OF CHANCE, 2006, 99 min.Dir. Russell P. Marleau. In this madcap homage to John Hughes’ teen comedies of the '80s, Chance Marquis, an openly gay, decidedly eccentric teenager, faces the scariest ordeal imaginable - he's the newbie in high school. Armed with a unique sense of style, Chance is determined to make a place for himself without sacrificing his individuality. He recruits a wacky circle of friends - two oddball outcasts, a straight jock he's crushing on and a fearless drag queen - as he pairs off against the homophobic bully threatening his would-be peaceful high school existence. With a keen eye for '80s kitsch and equal portions of teen angst, big hair, pop music and drag queens on a mission, Russell Marleau's charming feature debut makes the revenge of the nerds a sweet treat for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.

Movie Dearest: ...  The Curiosity of Chance  is like a "lost John Hughes movie" - Ferris Bueller's Gay Off? --  Kirby

Wire Magazine:  
…writer/director Russell Marleau  uses true John Hughes style to tell this really compelling, heartwarming and  humorous story.  Just like Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and Ferris  Bueller’s Day Off, Russell creates a beautiful collage of bubble gum  colors, sardonic wit, and simple yet relatable relationships. -- Thomas  Barker

Reception hosted by Absolut to follow.



Outfest Wednesdays is on hiatus in July so they can focus on the Outfest 2008 Film Festival this month!



Wednesday, August 6 – 7:30 PM


GIRLS SHORTS, Total running time: 94 min. Sometimes a girl's life is like an obstacle course - trying to navigate ex-gay conversion, fights over babies and dildos and then there's the prison beauty pageant. Or perhaps it is more like a mystery novel. What's going on in that S&M dungeon? Why is big sis trying to dress like a boy? And why isn't that hottie picking up her phone? This exceptional shorts program has it all! For specific titles and filmmaker guests, please check back online closer to date:




Wednesday August 27 – 7:30 PM


BOYS SHORTS, Total running time: 85 min. From Australia to Long Island, these superb boys' shorts inspire laughter, contemplation…and they might even turn you on! Aussie beach boys learn to say goodbye, a young man develops a crush on his cousin and a bear finds unexpected love in a charming locale. Filmmakers in person: Benedict Campbell (LLOYD NECK)Ben Piety (THE LONELY LIGHTS. THE COLOR OF LEMONS), Greg Ivan Smith (THE BACK ROOM) and Nick Oceano (EL PRIMO). For specific titles see:




Wednesday, September 3 – 7:30 PM


Special Sneak Preview

TOWELHEAD, 2007, Warner Independent Pictures, 124 min. Director Alan Ball’s film follows the dark, bold and shockingly funny life of Jasira, a 13-year-old Arab-American girl, as she navigates the confusing and frightening path of adolescence and her own sexual awakening. Based on the critically acclaimed novel by Alicia Erian and written for the screen and directed by Ball (Oscar-winning writer of AMERICAN BEAUTY and creator of "Six Feet Under"), starring Aaron Eckhart, Toni Collette, Maria Bello, Peter Macdissi and newcomer Summer Bishil as Jasira. Official website.




Monday, September 8 – 7:30 PM

Co-Presented with Outfest

9 TO 5, 1980, 20th Century Fox, 110 min. This classic from director Colin Higgins (writer of HAROLD AND MAUDE and director of SILVER STREAK) brilliantly brings together three of Hollywood's favorite female stars - Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton -- in an uproarious office farce. At Consolidated, the office manager (Tomlin), the vice president's secretary (Parton) and the newest employee (Fonda) plot revenge against their sexist, egotistical and hypocritical boss Franklin Hart Jr. (Dabney Colman). The scheme spins wildly out of control, forcing them to keep Hart tied up as they take over the company and run it their own way. Full of witty one-liners, great ‘80s outfits and an unforgettable soundtrack (including Parton's Oscar-nominated title song), this delightful, insightful comedy is so much fun "it'll drive you crazy if you let it." View Trailer. Discussion following with Patricia Resnick, screenwriter and writer of the new stage show "9 to 5: The Musical" premiering this month at the Ahmanson Theatre. All audience members will receive a free limited-edition gift from the show and can enter to win tickets to a performance of "9 to 5: The Musical"!




Wednesday, October 1 – 7:30 PM


10th Anniversary Screening!

RELAX...IT’S JUST SEX, 1997, 110 min. Dir. P.J. Castellaneta. The film that opened Outfest 1998 is about relationships, friendships and of course…sex. This tight-knit group of thirty-somethings -- gay, lesbian and straight -- struggle to live, love and stay friends in modern-day Los Angeles as circumstances conspire to tear them apart. The fabulous ensemble cast, including Jennifer Tilly, Mitchell Anderson, Serena Scott Thomas, Lori Petty, T.C. Carson and Cynda Williams, bounces between hilarious and utterly poignant moments, working in sync to make the script’s sharp dialogue flow. Post-event reception hosted by Absolut. More on this Film.




Wednesday, October 15 – 7:30 PM


LESBIAN SEX AND SEXUALITY: SEASON 2, 2008, 90 min. Dir. Katherine Linton. Season two of LESBIAN SEX AND SEXUALITY will once again take an unblinking, comprehensive and provocative ride into a world where lesbian desire isn’t whispered about, but seriously celebrated. These three episodes cover topics such as the difference between "butch" and "femme" and everything in-between, the stereotype-killing renaissance of the lesbian one-night stand, lesbian escorts, lesbian sex at Dinah, and, of course, tons of lesbian experts.




Wednesday, November 5 – 7:30 PM


Winner of the Outfest Special Programming Award for Emerging Talent

EQUALITY U, 2008, 90 min. Dir. Dave O’Brien. In 2006, 33 young adults participated in the Soulforce Equality Ride, a cross-country bus tour that took them to conservative religious and military colleges, allowing them to stand up for LGBT inclusion and equality right at the campus gate. Documenting everything from internal differences over spiritual issues to nonviolent resistance to campus cops, EQUALITY U captures a unique protest at a historic tipping point between the forces of oppression and a new generation of outspoken queer youth. Trailer | Myspace




Wednesday, November 19 – 7:30 PM


MA VIE EN ROSE, 1997, Sony Pictures Classics, 88 min. Dir. Alan Berliner. Ludovic (Georges Du Fresne) is a little girl born in a little boy's body. For him, nothing is more natural than to change his gender. As a hopeful and sensitive child, he truly believes that a miracle is going to happen. His family begins to realize with horror that his desire to be a girl isn't just a little boy's fantasy. The situation turns into a real-life drama of intense reactions from neighbors, friends and teachers, resulting in a profoundly optimistic ending. Trailer | More on this Film Filmmaker/actress Andrea James hosts the evening’s program in recognition of Transgender Day of Remembrance. Preceded by a reception at 6:30 PM.




Wednesday, December 3 - 7:30pm


finished_lifeW.jpg (11510 bytes)

A FINISHED LIFE: THE GOODBYE & NO REGRETS TOUR, 2007, 81 min. Directed by Michelle Boyaner and Barbara Green. This powerful and moving documentary captures the journey of Gregg Gour, a 48-year-old gay man with AIDS, given six months to live, who takes the road trip of his life. HIV-positive for 24 years and unwilling to die a long and painful death, Gour decides to go off his medication. He buys an RV and travels across the United States with his dog Cody, saying final goodbyes to family and friends. Boyaner and Green capture Gour’s most personal moments, resulting in an honest and unflinching chronicle of a man's decision to live the final chapter of his life on his own terms. In recognition of WORLD AIDS DAY.



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Wednesday, December 17 – 8:00 PM


AUNTIE MAME, 1958, Warner Bros., 143 min. Dir. Morton DaCosta. Outfest continues its holiday tradition with its ninth annual screening of AUNTIE MAME! Who doesn't know the story of America's favorite rich (and eccentric) Park Avenue relative, acting as a guardian to her orphaned, lonely young nephew, then bravely facing the ravages of the Depression, snobby stuffed shirts and romantic rivalry to emerge like a phoenix from her own ashes? Who doesn't know every line of this glorious camp classic? Who doesn't want to wear those fabulous costumes? Come share the joy with fellow Mame-lovers as we celebrate the glory of beloved star Rosalind Russell and a magnificent supporting cast in this raucous, riotous movie masterpiece! ABSOLUT pre-screening reception at 6:00 PM. Trailer Actress Pippa Scott who plays Pegeen Ryan will appear for a q & a prior to the film.