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The American Cinematheque is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization.
The Film Programs of the American Cinematheque are presented at the magnificently renovated, historic 1922 Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. Located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard.
Photo Credit: Randall Michelson. Detail of Egyptian Theatre Ceiling. Aero Theatre: Barry King.

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Special Events in April:



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Saturday, April 5 – 7:30 PM

[Spielberg Theatre]


Join us again in our intimate Spielberg Theatre for more cult films that are extremely hard to see in the U.S.A. Tonight we will be screening two spaghetti westerns. Dario Argento co-wrote one of the Italian oaters, and Mario Bava is rumored to have done uncredited work on the other, a strange, nearly psychedelic ghost town saga. Both films screened from a digital video source.





Wednesday, April 9 – 7:30 PM

Egyptian Theatre 85th Anniversary Screening

THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN, 1964, Warner Bros., 128 min. Dir. Charles Walters. This big-screen adaptation of the hit Broadway musical earned Debbie Reynolds many critical accolades, including an Oscar nomination. When the charming, hard-working hillbilly Brown finds herself vaulted to high society after her husband (Harve Presnell, in his movie debut) strikes it rich, gaining the respect of her new peers proves to be a grand struggle. In the title role, Reynolds plays the legendary woman who, after rising from rags to riches, went on to famously survive the sinking of the Titanic. Includes the songs, "I Ain’t Down Yet", "Belly Up to the Bar, Boys" and "He’s My Friend." THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN originally premiered at the Egyptian.




Saturday, April 12 & Sunday, April 13

Egyptian Theatre Historic Tours & FOREVER HOLLYWOOD

10:30 AM Behind The Scenes Tour

Hollywood history comes alive with our docent tours of the legendary 1922 Egyptian theatre. See what it would have been like to be in a Sid Grauman stage show with a visit to the old dressing rooms and singers boxes, plus an exhibit of original furniture created for the theatre. Check out our state-of-the-art projection booth, discover the painstaking restoration work and the marriage of modern technology with a landmark of Hollywood history - and more! Tours are approximately one hour long and involve a fair amount of walking. There are plenty of places to sit along the way and the main part of the theatre is handicap accessible. Group Tours can also be arranged.




Saturday, April 12 – 2:00 PM

ADSLA Lecture Series Presents

"The Devil Wears Dada" -- "Who's Your Dada?" You'll know for certain when you attend this highly entertaining and provocative lecture, presented by the Art Deco Society and the American Cinematheque. "The Devil Wears Dada" offers a focused survey of Dadaism and Surrealism, and their effect on costume and fashion during the Art Deco era. Lecturer Aaron Rubin will present images of the absurd in both fine art and fashion to paint a fascinating picture of an unusual collaboration between the arts.

This lecture was first presented at the 2007 Queen Mary Art Deco Festival, and has been brought back by popular request. Mr. Rubin's engaging style of speaking and extensive collections of images, coupled with careful research and a personal flare for the dramatic bring this bohemian era and its vivid personalities - - and ground-breaking artistic sensibilities - - alive. Aaron M. Rubin is an Art History major at California State University Northridge. He has been avidly studying the history of art, culture, fashion, and jewelry from a very young age, and he is a member of various historical societies. Mr. Rubin is currently employed at Bonhams & Butterfields auction house.

Tickets are $5 for members of ADSLA and American Cinematheque members. Regular American Cinematheque prices apply for the general public and students/seniors and may be pre-purchased at, or purchased on the day of the event at the door.



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Wednesday, April 23 – 7:30 PM

In Collaboration with AWN (Animation World Network) & ASIFA


With the Oscars bringing attention to animated short films, we bring you a wide range of animated shorts that are funny, sad, beautiful and awe-inspiring. And in the spirit of Film Noir month, we have several shorts that will intrigue fans of the genre. Several of the filmmakers will appear for an in-person discussion.

Alessandro Ceglia’s "Intruder" (USA, 3 min). The eerie tale of one woman’s paranoia. Justine Kerrigan’s "The Girl Who Swallowed Bees" (Australia, 3 min). Beautiful, magical, darkly humorous short about a girl who finds herself at the end of her rope. Joe Tucker’s "For the Love of God" (UK, 11 min). Christian and his mother both love God in very different ways! Trev Jimenez’s "Key Lime Pie" (Canada, 3 min). In this spin on the noir genre, a man’s obsession with key lime pie brings him to the brink of insanity. Michael Robinson’s "Joshua His Tree" (USA, 6 min). A depiction of Joshua Tree National Park as it evolves over millions of years. Juan Pablo Zaramella’s "Lapsus" (Argentina, 4 min). A curious nun ventures into the darker side of her animated world. Rune Christensen’s "Down the Road" (Denmark, 15 min). A dark thriller that pits a preacher against a hitchhiker. J. Zachary Pike’s "The Toll" (USA, 8 min). A mockumentary about the work of a troll. Luis Cook’s "The Pearce Sisters" (UK, 10 min). From Aardman Animation ("Wallace and Gromit"), this BAFTA Award winner concerns two sisters and their competition over a man. Bob Ray’s "Apeshit Wa-Hoo" (USA, 5 min). Exciting tale of a foul-mouthed monkeynaut and the hillbilly clerk who go on a wild chase. Bill Plympton’s "Shut-Eye Hotel" (USA, 7 min). From the award-winning director of "Guard Dog" comes the tale of gruesome murders that lead to an unusual stakeout. Zeth Willie’s "The Needful Head" (USA, 5 min). Absurd, funny tale about…well…the needful head! Discussion to follow with filmmakers Alessandro Ceglia ("Intruder"), Bob Ray ("Apeshit Wa-Hoo") and Michael Robinson ("Joshua His Tree"). Program compiled by Andrew P. Crane.




Thursday, April 24 – 7:30 PM [Spielberg]

Back by Popular Demand!

Final Film Festival Strategy Seminar Until Fall 2008!

NAVIGATING THE FILM FESTIVAL WORLD For most emerging filmmakers, the goal of launching a film on the film festival circuit begins with one singular dream: SUNDANCE! But what lies beyond Sundance for you and your film? In this informative seminar, presented just in time for the next crop of film festivals, film festival programmer/film consultant Thomas Ethan Harris (former Director Of Programming Los Angeles Film Festival and Palm Springs International Festival Of Short Films) offers filmmakers practical skills to navigating the world of film festivals to maximum effect.

What are the most significant film festivals and showcases you should be considering right now before that ultimate Sundance dream fades and you are left with a very good film with no place to show it?

Discussion Topics to be discussed include:

--A survey of the most important film festivals in both the United States and the international community.

--A breakdown and discussion of what particular film festivals are looking for and what individual film festivals respond to as they build their yearly list of selected films.

--How to strategize the best festival release for your film.

--The growing importance of community and genre film festivals.

--The importance of your film’s press kit and key art.

--The "where", "when" and "how" of submitting your film.


--Secret "insider tips" on submitting your film that will improve your chances of getting selected!!

--A list of film festivals to AVOID and why!

Whether you are currently submitting your film to festivals or whether you are in production on your film or even if you are just prepping or writing your first film, EVERYONE is encourage to attend this insightful, stimulating and empowering discussion of film festivals and film festival release strategy.

The American Cinematheque proudly continues our series of practical, candid and affordable seminars for emerging filmmakers. Special Ticket prices: $20 General Admission; $15 Student/Senior; $12 American Cinematheque Members.


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Friday, April 25 – 12:00 MIDNIGHT

Special Late Night Fangoria Convention Screening – Cast Member Guests!

New 35mm Print! NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, 1968, The Weinstein Company, 96 min. Director George Romero’s unqualified masterpiece pits a handful of citizens holed up in a farmhouse against a newly revived horde of flesh-eating zombies. The cast of talented unknowns headed by Duane Jones are all alarmingly believable as they fight for life, trying to escape a bad dream that gets uncompromisingly worse and more horrifying as the hours crawl by. If you’ve never seen this hackles-raising classic on the big screen, here’s your chance. This screening is presented in conjunction with Fangoria Weekend of Horrors and Genius Products and The Weinstein Company timed to the Night of the Living Dead 40th Anniversary Edition DVD and Diary of the Dead DVD releases on May 20. Introduction with John A. Russo (co-screenplay);  Russel W. Streiner (producer, actor);  Bill Hinzman (actor);  Kyra Schon (actor);   George Kosana (actor);  Judy O'Dea (actor).



Saturday, April 26 – 12:00 MIDNIGHT

Special Late Night Fangoria Convention Screening

WICKED LAKE, 2008, Fever Dreams, 96 min. A sensual, supernatural shocker directed by Zach Passero, based on an original screenplay by Adam Rockoff (author of Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film). Four mysterious, attractive girls venture on a road trip for a relaxing weekend getaway. Unbeknownst to them, two clans of deranged male misfits follow them to their secluded, picturesque, lakeside cabin in the mountains. The girls appear to be easy prey for the predatory perverts until the fateful stroke of midnight, when all hell, literally, breaks loose! The film’s stellar cast features Robin Sydney (Jack Ketchum’s THE LOST, "Masters of Horror"), Carlee Baker, Eryn Joslyn, Eve Mauro, Marc Senter (THE LOST; CABIN FEVER 2), Frank Birney and Tim Thomerson. Produced by Chris Sivertson (director of THE LOST and I KNOW WHO KILLED ME). View Trailer