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Series programmed by: Gwen Deglise & Grant Moninger.

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The American Cinematheque is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization.
The Film Programs of the American Cinematheque are presented at the newly re-opened and renovated Aero Theatre at 1328 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and at the magnificently renovated, historic 1922 Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. Located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard.
Photo Credit: Barry Gerber. Aero Theatre (c) 2004.

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Special One Night Events & Limited Engagements, Sneak Previews in March:



Thursday, March 5 - 7:30 PM

Sneak Preview!

PERSONAL EFFECTS, 2008, Insight Films, 105 min. Dir. David Hollander. Seeking vengeance for the murder of his sister, a young man arrives in town only to be sidetracked by a beautiful older woman with wounds very similar to his own. Through this bond, an unlikely and beautiful romance blooms. How do you heal a wound the world can’t see? With love. . With Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kathy Bates. Discussion following with director David Hollander, Ashton Kutcher and other actors to be confirmed. More




Thursday, March 12 - 7:30 PM

Donald E. Westlake Tribute – Double Feature:

THE HOT ROCK, 1972, 20th Century Fox, 101 min. Dir. Peter Yates. William Goldman adapts Donald Westlake’s hilarious caper novel, a farce in which a gang of jewel thieves botch every aspect of their planned heist. Robert Redford and George Segal lead a stellar cast that also includes Zero Mostel and Charlotte Rae in this ingenious action-comedy. More

COPS AND ROBBERS, 1973, MGM Repertory, 89 min. Dir. Aram Avakian. Cliff Gorman and Joseph Bologna play a pair of New York cops who feel smothered by the financial and social demands of their miserable lives. Their solution: an ingenious securities rip-off designed to buy their freedom. Adapting his own novel, Donald Westlake provides an effective combination of social satire and caper film, all set to a terrific score by the legendary Michel Legrand. Trailer Actor Joe Bologna will speak between films.



Friday, March 13 - 7:30 PM

Reese Witherspoon In-Person! Robert Mulligan Memorial Tribute:

THE MAN IN THE MOON, 1991, MGM Repertory, 99 min. Director Robert Mulligan's final film is also one of his finest, a subtle, beautifully realized coming of age story. Reese Witherspoon plays a fourteen-year old girl who discovers romance when she develops a crush on neighbor Jason London. Unfortunately, he's got eyes for her older sister, and eventually all of the characters must learn to deal with loss and heartbreak. Mulligan's sensitivity to performance and period detail (the movie takes place in 1950's Louisiana) is on full display in this moving, universal tale of first love. Actress Reese Witherspoon will NOT be available to introduce the screening as we originally announced. Attending guests include actress Gail Strickland, producer Bill Borden, executive producer and casting director Shari Rhodes, casting associate Beverlee Dean More | Interview on Film Journal



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Wednesday, March 18 – 7:30 PM

Kevin Thomas’ Favorites:

BOUND FOR GLORY, 1976, MGM Repertory, 147 min. David Carradine plays folk singer Woody Guthrie in this superlative bio-pic, which follows Guthrie as he travels across America fighting for the working man. Director Hal Ashby and cinematographer Haskell Wexler (who won an Academy Award for his work) vividly evoke the late 1930's era in which the film takes place, and Carradine gives one of his best performances as a hero to underdogs everywhere. Co-starring Ronny Cox. Film critic Kevin Thomas will introduce the screening and there will be a discussion following with actor David Carradine.


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Wednesday, March 25 - 7:30 PM

Sneak Preview!

ADVENTURELAND, 2009, Miramax, 105 min. In the summer of 1987, recent college grad James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg) is forced to take a lowly job at a local amusement park to make ends meet. Luckily for James, what should have been his worst summer ever turns into quite an adventure as he discovers love with his captivating co-worker Em (Kristen Stewart) and learns to loosen up. SUPERBAD director Greg Mottola directs another hilarious coming of age film drawn from his own job-from-hell experience. Trailer



Friday, March 27 - 7:30 PM

25th Anniversary!

THE LAST STARFIGHTER, 1984, Universal, 101 min, Dir. Nick Castle. Lance Guest plays a bored teenager who lives in a trailer park but dreams of something more. To pass the time he becomes an expert video game player, and eventually learns that his skill is the ticket to adventure that he's been looking for. It seems that the game has been placed by aliens who need soldiers to wage war in outer space! Robert Preston is a delight in his final role as the alien who shows Guest the ropes in this terrific adventure for all ages. Discussion following with director Nick Castle, Jr., writer Jonathan Betuel, Catherine Mary Stewart and Visual Effects Coordinator Jeffery Okun. Trailer


Saturday, March 28 - 5:00 PM


Ten years ago, with only an independent cult hit (BOUND) and a script for a Sylvester Stallone action flick (ASSASSINS) on their resume, brothers Larry and Andy Wachowski embarked on one of the most ambitious science fiction trilogies of all time. The MATRIX movies combined elements from varied genre classics and added a healthy dose of original thought to become a beloved (and heavily discussed and analyzed) series of contemporary entertainments.

THE MATRIX, 1999, Warner Bros., 136 min. Dirs. Larry and Andy Wachowski. Keanu Reeves learns that the universe is controlled by computers, not humans—he and his fellow men are mere batteries to provide bioelectrical energy—and he isn’t even living in 1999 as he believes, but hundreds of years later. When revolutionary Laurence Fishburne opens Reeves’ eyes, the reluctant hero leads a revolt (with help from Carrie-Anne Moss and others) against the powers that be. Working from influences including BLADE RUNNER, VIDEODROME and assorted Hong Kong action movies, the Wachowski brothers have created a new science fiction landmark.

THE MATRIX RELOADED, 2003, Warner Bros., 138 min. Dirs. Larry and Andy Wachowski. Neo (Keanu Reeves) continues his fight against an all-pervasive technological superpower in this action-packed sequel, a nonstop rollercoaster ride that includes one of the great chase scenes of all time. The Wachowskis ramp up the visceral thrills, but remain committed to metaphysical questions about identity and time in this riveting thriller.

THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, 2003, Warner Bros., 129 min. Dirs. Larry and Andy Wachowski. The MATRIX trilogy ends with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Laurence Fishburne concluding their mission to free mankind from the tyranny of robots. With its standoff at outpost Zion, this MATRIX owes as much to westerns as to sci-fi, but continues the series’ tradition of eye-popping action sequences (Jada Pinkett Smith provides particular excitement as the pilot of a difficult aircraft). Discussion following THE MATRIX with Zach Staenberg (editor, Academy Award-winner), Kym Barrett (costume designer) and Dane A. Davis (supervising sound editor, Academy Award-winner), moderated by author Eric Lichtenfeld. All attendees have a chance to win an Ultimate Matrix Collection DVD set. Details.   Trailer



Sunday, March 29 - 7:30 PM

Live Commentary! Wes Craven In-Person!

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, 1984, Warner Bros., 92 min. Director Wes Craven created one of his most famous movie milestones with this supremely entertaining horror opus, melding influences from Polanski to Bunuel to Argento to achieve a bizarrely subversive box office hit. NIGHTMARE… went on to become a certifiable gold mine of a franchise and ushered in surrealism to the masses. Dead child-killer/dream demon Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) proves a formidable homicidal antihero but finds a more than worthy opponent in feisty, brainy teen Heather Langenkamp. With Johnny Depp, John Saxon, Ronee Blakely. Director Wes Craven will comment on the making of this classic film while it is screening. Trailer