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Series compiled by:Chris D. (Egyptian) and Gwen Deglise & Grant Moninger (Aero)
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Jeremy Walker; Harry Guerro; Quentin Tarantino; UCLA FILM AND TELEVISION ARCHIVE; Emily Horn & Barry Allen/PARAMOUNT; Marilee Womack/WARNER BROS.; Mary Tallungan/DISNEY; Brian Block/20TH CENTURY FOX-CRITERION; Paul Ginsburg/UNIVERSAL; Jared Sapolin & Helena Brissenden/SONY REPERTORY; MPA


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The Film Programs of the American Cinematheque are presented at the magnificently renovated, historic 1922 Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. Located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard.
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<<<  August 20 - 30, 2009 >>>

The 9th Annual Festival of Fantasy, Horror and Science-Fiction


An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



More Screenings in this series August 13 – 16 at the Aero Theatre


Join us for more horror, sci-fi and fantasy on the big Egyptian screen, opening with a 10th Anniversary showing of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (with in-person guests). If you missed the INDIANA JONES Marathon at the Aero, you’ve got another chance here at the Egyptian. Plus there’ll be a Euro thriller triple feature (WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS’ DORMITORY and rare 35mm prints of TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE starring Barbara Steele and RETURN OF DR. MABUSE), a double feature of some of the earliest STAR TREK features (including THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY and a 25th Anniversary screening of THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK), a John Carpenter double bill (THE THING and THEY LIVE), medieval shockers (Ken Russell’s THE DEVILS and Lucio Fulci’s BEATRICE CENCI), William Castle lurid suspense thriller STRAIT-JACKET (with actress Diane Baker in-person), a double bill of ghostly love stories (PORTRAIT OF JENNIE and THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR) and closing night with BLAIR WITCH director Eduardo Sanchez’s new chiller SEVENTH MOON (with in-person guests)!

Plus at the Aero, fantasy is king with Ridley Scott’s LEGEND (the U.S. version) starring Tom Cruise and Tim Curry, DRAGONSLAYER, LABYRINTH, a sword-and-sorcery double feature based on Robert E. Howard’s stories (CONAN THE BARBARIAN and RED SONJA), ERIK THE VIKING, Terry Gilliam’s JABBERWOCKY and more!


blair_witch_project.gif (65305 bytes)Thursday, August 20 – 7:30 PM

10th Anniversary!

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, 1999, Lionsgate, 86 min. Directors Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick started a new cycle in horror films with this daringly unusual debut feature. Shot in pseudo-documentary style, the zeitgeist of the film impacted not only the direction of cinematic chillers to come but the just-beginning onslaught of reality TV as well. Three college film students (Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, Michael C. Williams) have gone missing while taking a trek into the Burkittsville, Maryland, woods, in hopes of documenting the area’s ancient Blair Witch legend. The film-within-a-film is related as found footage in the wilderness. Things start off innocuously enough with talking-heads interviews of townspeople. But when the trio enter the forest, they soon become hopelessly lost, disoriented and, at last, terrified as an unknown presence stalks them. Discussion following with directors Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick, producers Gregg Hale, Mike Monello and Robin Cowie, Actress Heather Donohue and other cast members (TBA). Trailer


Friday, August 21 – 7:30 PM

Euro Thrillers Triple Feature:

Rare Archival 35mm Print! TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE, 1965, 85 min. "They rise from dank coffins in the dead of night, murdering their victims in an orgy of slaughter!" Barbara Steele is Cleo, the widow of the recently deceased occultist Jeronimus Hauff. Lawyer Albert (Walter Brandi) arrives at the estate to finalize his will, believing him still alive. The mystery deepens as those who were present at Jeronimus’ deathbed begin dying in horrible "accidents." Steele’s beautiful stepdaughter (Mirella Maravidi) claims her father is still alive, prowling the mansion. Amping up the creepy thrills, the house just happens to be built over an ancient cemetery of medieval plague victims who are coming back from beyond the grave to avenge past wrongs. Director Massimo Pupillo, who helmed the loony BLOODY PIT OF HORROR the same year, piles on the gorgeously atmospheric black-and-white setpieces. Don’t miss this ultra-rare, original 35mm print screening of an Italian horror classic! Trailer

Rare Archival 35mm Print! RETURN OF DR. MABUSE, 1961, 89 min. Director Harald Reinl (TORTURE CHAMBER OF DR. SADISM) was one of the unsung masters of German pulp cinema in the 1950s and 60s, making scores of krimis (Germany’s rough equivalent to Italy’s giallo genre). Fritz Lang had just resurrected his 1930s archvillain in THE THOUSAND EYES OF DR. MABUSE, and pulp master Reinl stepped in to direct this riproaring sequel, with Gert Frobe (Goldfinger in GOLDFINGER) as Mabuse’s tireless nemesis, the blustery and efficient police kommissar Lohmann. Lex Barker is Joe Como, crack FBI undercover man also on the trail of the shadowy fiend, and Daliah Lavi (THE WHIP AND THE BODY) is the beautiful heroine. With a supporting cast of stand-out German character actors, including Wolfgang Preiss and Werner Peters.Trailer


WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS’ DORMITORY, 1961, 83 min. Despite the ridiculous title, this hybrid Italian/German co-production yields a surprisingly high quotient of chills. Directed by Paolo Heusch and scripted by later giallo maestro Ernesto Gastaldi (aka Julian Berry), the film has an astounding number of red herrings (typical of later giallo pix) contending as the marauding werewolf rampaging through the lonely woods outside a teen girls’ reformatory. But everyone zeroes in on handsome new teacher Carl Schell (lesser-known brother to Maximilian and Maria), who seems to have a dark secret in his past. Co-starring the Italian Peter Lorre, Luciano Pigozzi (aka Alan Collins). Barbara Lass is the comely girl lead, heading up a supporting cast of nubile Euro starlets. Listen for the absurd theme song "Ghoul in School" during the title credits. Trailer



Saturday, August 22 – 6:00 PM

Indiana Jones Marathon

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, 1981, Paramount, 115 min. Archaeologist Harrison Ford battles occult-obsessed Nazis and former girlfriend Karen Allen as he attempts to wrest the Ark of the Covenant from the lost Egyptian city of Tanis. Brilliant, nonstop adventure from director Steven Spielberg and producer George Lucas that mixes 1930s-style matinee thrills with the ominous threat of Hitler's henchmen controlling one of history's most powerful objects. With terrific support from Paul Freeman as Indy's suave nemesis Belloq, Ronald Lacey as the sinister Nazi officer Toht and John Rhys-Davies as Indy's right-hand man Sallah. Imaginatively written by Lawrence Kasdan (based on Lucas’ and Philip Kaufman's original story), aided by a typically stirring John Williams score, one of his very best. Trailer

INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM, 1984, Paramount, 118 min. Harrison Ford returns as adventurer Indiana Jones in the second installment of director Steven Spielberg and producer George Lucas’ tribute to the bygone era of cliffhanger movie serials. This time Jones, fleeing Shanghai with an American chanteuse (Kate Capshaw) and a teenage thief, suddenly finds himself in rural India, attempting to help free a village’s children from indentured servitude in the mines belonging to a maniacal cult. Before the last frame unspools, Jones will find himself fighting for survival, along with his comrades, in the nefarious Temple of Doom. Trailer

INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE, 1989, Paramount, 127 min. Director Steven Spielberg returns for the third entry in the trilogy with Indiana (Harrison Ford) searching for his ill-humored father (Sean Connery) after the brilliant archaeologist is kidnapped by the Nazis for his knowledge of the whereabouts of the Holy Grail, a sacred artifact that, like the first installment’s Ark of the Covenant, supposedly holds supernatural powers to redeem or destroy the world. With a great supporting cast that includes Denholm Elliot, John Rhys-Davies, Julian Glover and River Phoenix (in flashback) as the teenage Indiana Jones. Trailer



Sunday, August 23 – 7:30 PM

Star Trek Double Feature:

25th Anniversary! STAR TREK III: IN SEARCH OF SPOCK, 1984, Paramount, 105 min. At the end of THE WRATH OF KHAN, Spock’s fate was left in question, and this saga starts off immediately to resolve that mystery. Leonard Nimoy portrays the lovable, logical Vulcan and also makes his directorial debut here with this admirable follow-up. The Enterprise, again helmed by Captain Kirk (William Shatner), voyages to the Genesis planet in search of Spock, but comes up against all kinds of obstacles, including hostile Klingons led by Kruge (Christopher Lloyd) as well as a seemingly-going-off-his-rocker Dr. McCoy (DeForest Kelley). Trailer

STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, 1991, Paramount, 110 min. Director Nicholas Meyer (who co-wrote the script from a story co-written by Leonard Nimoy) delivers the final saga with the original cast. With the Klingon world threatened by irreversible ecological disaster, the Federation and the Klingon chancellor (David Warner) offer an olive branch to each other to save the race. To his dismay, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) is chosen as the Federation’s representative. Things go quickly downhill when a very high Klingon is assassinated, and Kirk and Dr. McCoy (DeForest Kelley), framed for the murder, end up in a wintry, gulag-style labor camp. Warmongering Klingon Chistopher Plummer has thrown a spanner in the works, and Spock and crew must rescue their crewmates and head off interstellar war on a grand scale. Co-starring the usual suspects, along with Iman, Christian Slater, Kim Cattrall. "Meyer's direction and dialogue are among the most fluid and exciting of the whole series, and he manages a lovely "final" feel, saying goodbye to the old crew and embracing the future at the same time." – Jeffrey M. Anderson, Combustible Celluloid Trailer



Wednesday, August 26 – 7:30 PM

Medieval Tortures Double Feature:

THE DEVILS, 1971, Warner Bros., 111 min. Director Ken Russell’s still-shocking adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s play "Devils of Loudun" was vilified as blasphemous and excessive upon its initial release, and remains one of the most disturbingly memorable films from the early 1970s. The film’s allegory of a corrupt power structure that equates sexual activity with Satanism, all for the sake of political and religious repression, is more relevant today than ever. In the 17th century, French Cardinal Richelieu’s minions use the womanizing of activist priest Urbain Grandier (Oliver Reed) as a pretext for the Inquisition to investigate his "diabolic possession" of the local nuns, including demented, hunchback Mother Superior Sister Jeanne (an unforgettable Vanessa Redgrave). With support from an excellent cast that includes Dudley Sutton, Gemma Jones and Michael Gothard. NOT ON DVD Trailer


BEATRICE CENCI, 1969, 99 min. Gore meister director Lucio Fulci (THE BEYOND, ZOMBIE) tackles literary giant Stendahl’s masterpiece of bloody familial treachery in 16th century Italy in this surprisingly faithful adaptation (which itself was based on a true story). Wealthy Francesco Cenci (George Wilson) is a sadistic landowner who regularly abuses his family and tenants, but is in good standing with his powerful cleric friends. He also has depraved designs on his own beautiful daughter, Beatrice (Adrienne Larussa). After one too many nightmarish evenings trying to keep her patriarch’s hands off of her, Beatrice plots with her servant lover Olimpo (Tomas Milian) to murder her evil parent. But after his demise, things quickly unravel, with noblemen and powerful clergy ensnaring Beatrice and her hapless accomplices for rounds of gruesome torture. One of Fulci’s comparatively unknown and best efforts. (Screened from a digital source). Trailer



Thursday, August 27 – 7:30 PM

Ghostly Love Double Feature:

PORTRAIT OF JENNIE, 1948, Disney, 86 min. Producer David O. Selznick (GONE WITH THE WIND) hired William Dieterle (THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER) to direct this wistful love story in New York City locations, focusing on struggling artist Joseph Cotten as he gradually falls in love with Jennie (Jennifer Jones), a strange young girl he meets in Central Park. As Cotten periodically runs into her over a period of months, she seems to grow up before his eyes, and he slowly comes to understand his new muse is the restless spirit of a long-dead woman. The score by Bernard Herrmann and Dimitri Tiomkin tugs at the heartstrings without overt sentimentality, and the film won a 1949 Oscar for Special Effects. With sterling support from Ethel Barrymore, David Wayne, Lillian Gish and Cecil Kellaway. Don’t miss the beautiful and nightmarish green-and-sepia-tinted climactic sequence, a truly magical experience. "Jennifer Jones' performance is standout. Her miming ability gives a quality to the four ages she portrays -- from a small girl through the flowering woman. Ingenuity in makeup also figures importantly in sharpening the portrayal." -- Variety

THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR, 1947, 20th Century Fox, 104 min. Director Joseph L. Mankiewicz (ALL ABOUT EVE) turned out this perfect blend of ghost tale and poignant love story set in 1900 England. Young widow Gene Tierney, with her daughter (Natalie Wood) in tow, moves into a cozy old seacliff house that previously belonged to deceased ship captain Rex Harrison. Harrison’s spirit is a salty dog unaccustomed to female company who tries to scare the new tenant away. But Tierney resolutely stands her ground. Gradually, the two reach an understanding and, as the years pass, become extremely fond of each other, with Tierney turning out a bestselling – and scandalous -- biography of Harrison. All the more poignant, as Harrison must stand by helplessly as Tierney undergoes heartbreak at the hands of earthly suitor George Sanders. Trailer



Friday, August 28 – 7:30 PM

Actress Diane Baker In-Person - Double Feature:

STRAIT-JACKET, 1964, Sony Repertory, 93 min. One of the most entertaining chillers from shock-show auteur William Castle (THE TINGLER, the original HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL). Joan Crawford is a gal from the wrong side of the tracks, jailed for taking a hatchet to her hubby after finding him in bed with a local floozy. Decades later she’s released from the asylum, hopefully cured, but still wrapped very tight. Traumatized daughter Diane Baker, who witnessed the gory episode as a tyke, has been living with her uncle and aunt (Leif Erickson, Rochelle Hudson) and is about to get married to a young man unaware of the family history. Awkward moments prevail and, before long, more family acquaintances are getting the axe treatment! But is it really Joan who’s up to her old tricks? With great support from George Kennedy (who should have gotten some kind of award for playing the world’s sleaziest handyman), plus tons of desolate Inland Empire on-location exteriors shot in Riverside, California. Trailer

MIRAGE, 1965, Universal, 108 min. Director Edward Dmytryk (MURDER, MY SWEET) delivers one of his best later pictures, expertly returning to thriller territory with a modern sensibility and Hitchcockian style. During a New York skyscraper blackout, a high-powered executive falls to his death, and accountant Gregory Peck loses 90% of his memory. He enlists the help of new acquaintance Diane Baker and private eye Walter Matthau to help him uncover his past. Peck can only remember a couple of people who know him, and they inevitably turn up dead. From then on, all bets are off – the killers and corporate honchos (amongst them George Kennedy and Kevin McCarthy) want Peck out of the way, too. A marvelous puzzler with brain-twisting turns that point the way to later thrillers like MEMENTO. NOT ON DVD Trailer Discussion in between films with actress Diane Baker.



Saturday, August 29 – 7:30 PM

John Carpenter Double Feature:

THE THING, 1982, Universal, 108 min. John Carpenter reimagined the 1951 sci-fi classic THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD as something darker, fiercer and altogether more disturbing, pitting sombrero-wearing helicopter pilot Kurt Russell and a crew of Arctic scientists against a ravenous, shape-shifting alien being. From the haunting opening shots of a sled dog fleeing across the snow, to the apocalyptic fire-and-ice ending, this ranks with Ridley Scott’s ALIEN as one of the finest (and most beautifully crafted) sci-fi films of the past 30 years. With one of Ennio Morricone’s greatest scores from the 1980s. Trailer

THEY LIVE, 1988, Universal, 97 min. Dir. John Carpenter. Construction worker Roddy Piper learns that the world has been taken over by grinning skull-headed aliens who are permeating society with subliminal messages to mindlessly consume (sound like some corporations you know?). Glimpsing the truth with the aid of special sunglasses that strip away the phony layers of manufactured reality, he and fellow drifter Keith David join the underground to rebel against the mind control in this searingly satirical sci-fi jaunt, one of Carpenter’s best and wildest films. Co-starring Meg Foster. Trailer



Seventh-Moon-10.gif (52062 bytes)

Sunday, August 30 – 7:30 PM

Los Angeles Premiere

SEVENTH MOON, 2008, Lionsgate, 87 min. Director Eduardo Sanchez (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT) helms his latest unnerving chiller. Melissa and Yul (Amy Smart and Tim Chiou), Americans honeymooning in China, happen upon the exotic "Hungry Ghost" festival that honors spirits in the market of a small town. But as night falls, they find themselves abandoned by their driver in a remote village, and soon realize the legends are all too real. Plunged into an ancient custom they cannot comprehend, the couple must find a way to survive the night of the Seventh Moon. "The other highlight is the creature design. Simple and uncomplicated…From a distance they echo the monsters of THE DESCENT or perhaps the Morlocks of H.G. Wells’ TIME MACHINE -- Fearsome, formidable and ultimately terrifying despite their relative familiarity -- hats off to the FX crew at Spectral Motion for demonstrating that even pasty Asian ghosts can get a startling upgrade given the right light." Discussion following with director Eduardo Sanchez, actress Amy Smart and cast and crew members (TBD). Trailer