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The American Cinematheque is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization.
The Film Programs of the American Cinematheque are presented at the newly re-opened and renovated Aero Theatre at 1328 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and at the magnificently renovated, historic 1922 Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. Located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard.
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Special One Night Events & Limited Engagements, Sneak Previews in February:



Wednesday, February 3 - 7:30 PM

Super Bowl Double Feature: BLACK SUNDAY, 1977, Paramount, 143 min. Director John Frankenheimer (THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, THE TRAIN), collaborating with screenwriter Ernest Lehman, adapts the novel by Thomas Harris (THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS) into a taut suspense thriller. Israeli agent Robert Shaw is on the trail of Marthe Keller, a Black September terrorist operative intent on manipulating deranged Vietnam vet Bruce Dern into piloting the Goodyear blimp in a plot to kill thousands during the Miami Super Bowl. Fritz Weaver (DEMON SEED) is Shaw’s American FBI liaison.

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TWO-MINUTE WARNING, 1976, Universal, 115 min. Dir. Larry Peerce. A sniper want to unleash his weapon on a packed football stadium, and police chief Charlton Heston joins forces with SWAT team sergeant John Cassavetes to capture the psycho before he opens fire on the fans, who include Gena Rowlands, Jack Klugman, David Janssen, Walter Pidgeon and Beau Bridges.

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Saturday, February 6 – 12:00 PM (Noon)

Triple Feature: THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, 2001, Warner Bros., 208 min. Director Peter Jackson adapts J.R.R. Tolkien's epic fantasy. The world's future rests on the fate of the One Ring, which has been lost for centuries. Powerful forces are unrelenting in their search for it. With Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen. Enjoy the entire epic with back-to-back marathon screenings, including extended versions of I and II. Breaks for Hobbit snacks and Middle-earth rituals are built into the schedule.
THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS, 2002, Warner Bros., 223 min. Dir. Peter Jackson. Approximate start time 4:00 PM.
THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING, 2003, Warner Bros., 201 min. Dir. Peter Jackson. Approximate start time 8:15 PM.

View trailer | Buy Tickets Parking tip. If you drive one block north or south of Montana Avenue, the street parking has no time limit.


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Sunday, February 7 - 7:30 PM

Double Feature: MOON OVER MIAMI, 1941, 20th Century Fox, 91 min. Dir. Walter Lang. In this Technicolor musical, Betty Grable heads to Miami in search of a millionaire husband, but things quickly get complicated when multiple men (including a penniless Don Ameche) compete for her affections. Also features Jack Haley (THE WIZARD OF OZ).

SECOND HONEYMOON, 1937, 20th Century Fox, 84 min. Dir. Walter Lang. Vicky (Loretta Young) is married for the second time, to a bland belt manufacturer, when she has a chance encounter with her first husband, Raoul (Tyrone Power), a wealthy playboy. Comic complications ensue.

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Wednesday, February 10 - 7:30 PM

Double Feature: 50th Anniversary! INHERIT THE WIND, 1960, MGM Repertory, 128 min. Dir. Stanley Kramer. Spencer Tracy, Fredric March, and Gene Kelly propel this classic courtroom drama about the heated prosecution and defense of a science teacher who dared to teach Darwin's evolutionary theory in a classroom. Science and religion go head-to-head in some of the most memorable performances in film history. Nominated for Best Actor (Spencer Tracy), Cinematography, and Screenplay at the 1961 Academy Awards.

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GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER, 1967, Columbia Pictures, 108 min. Dir. Stanley Kramer. Matt and Christina Drayton (Hollywood power couple Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn) are in for a surprise when their daughter brings home her fiancÚ, a black doctor named John Wade Prentice (Sidney Poitier). The aging couple's "liberal" attitudes are challenged during one dramatic (and hilarious) day and evening, which culminates in the last-minute arrival of Prentice's parents and an Irish priest for dinner. Nominated for a whopping 10 Oscars, including a win for Best Actress (Hepburn) and Screenplay.

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FEBRUARY 16, 2010, Aero Theatre


Tribute Evening will feature a discussion with Colin Firth in between screenings of A SINGLE MAN and Firth's first film, ANOTHER COUNTRY.

An actor with a quiet magnetism and restrained charm, Colin Firth has always excelled at the tricky combination of uncomfortable stiffness and emotional vulnerability. From his precocious portrayal of Tommy Judd in ANOTHER COUNTRY, to his subtly smoldering Mr. Darcy in the BBC's six-episode PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, to his stammering endearment in the BRIDGET JONES franchise and MAMMA MIA, and now his Oscar-nominated, deft portrayal of a closeted gay professor in A SINGLE MAN, Firth is the rare star who consistently employs nuance and a less-is-more approach in the many genres in which he works.

We are thrilled to welcome Oscar Nominee for Best Actor Colin Firth!
Double Feature: A SINGLE MAN,
2009, The Weinstein Company, 101 min. Fashion designer-turned-director Tom Ford's lavishly stylish adaptation of the seminal Christopher Isherwood novel is a heartbreaking meditation on the pressure to hide one's true self. Colin Firth turns in the performance of a lifetime as a gay college professor in the 1960's who must grieve silently when his longtime lover (Matthew Goode) is killed in a car accident. Julianne Moore is captivating as Firth's boozily unhappy best friend. Oscar-nominated for Best Actor (Firth) and nominated for 3 Golden Globes including Best Actor (Firth), Supporting Actress (Moore) and Original Score.

ANOTHER COUNTRY, 1984, 20th Century Fox, 90 min. Dir. Marek Kanievska. It is the 1930's and a controversial friendship emerges between openly gay school boy Guy Bennett (Rupert Everett) and his Marxist-leaning cohort Tommy Judd (Colin Firth). When a scandal followed by tragedy mars the school, tensions mount and the two outsiders attempt to expose and shake up the conventionality and hypocrisy of the rigid world surrounding them. Based on the successful English stage play which launched Firth's career as an actor, the film was made when Firth was only in his early twenties, making his excellent screen debut all the more impressive. The film had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 1984, and features a host of young, then-unknown stars such as Daniel Day-Lewis, Kenneth Branagh and Cary Elwes. Discussion in between films with actor Colin Firth.



Wednesday, February 17 - 7:30 PM

Gene Barry Memorial Double Feature: WAR OF THE WORLDS, 1953, Paramount, 85 min. Dir. Byron Haskin. Gene Barry and Ann Robinson battle invading Martian war machines in this amazingly visceral, comic book-style feast of apocalyptic images – one of the defining science fiction films of the past 50 years, seen here in a beautiful 35 mm print courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Produced by George Pal, based on the classic novel by H.G. Wells.

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CHINA GATE, 1957, Paramount, 97 min. Determined to get her bastard son to America, gorgeous Eurasian Lucky Legs (Angie Dickinson) agrees to help hard-bitten mercenary Gene Barry and his partners (including Nat ‘King’ Cole) on a jungle trek to destroy a Viet Cong munitions dump on the border between China and French Vietnam. The catch is that racist Barry is the father of the boy, and Dickinson’s part in the scheme is to romance the arms depot’s Viet Cong commander (Lee Van Cleef). A super-hard-boiled and deeply felt work by master filmmaker Sam Fuller.

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Thursday, February 18 - 7:30 PM

Rosanna Arquette in Person! AFTER HOURS, 1985, Warner Bros., 97 min. Dir. Martin Scorsese. Manhattan becomes a surreal dreamscape of bizarre terror in Martin Scorsese's film about an ordinary guy who agrees to a late-night date with an attractive but alarmingly disturbed woman (Rosanna Arquette). Dead bodies, strange sculptresses and an incensed ice cream truck mob are all part of the protagonist's weird anti-journey into the dark and neglected hours of the morning.

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DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN, 1985, MGM Repertory, 104 min. Dir. Susan Seidelman. Housewife Roberta (Rosanna Arquette) is bored. So bored that she follows the Personals romance between New Yorker Susan (an 80's-glam Madonna) and her boyfriend. When Roberta decides to find Susan in the flesh, the hapless suburbanite gets knocked out and wakes up with amnesia... and a newfound feeling that she is actually Susan. Discussion in between films with actress Rosanna Arquette.
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Friday, February 19 - 7:30 PM

Bob Newhart in Person! Bob Newhart is a comedy renaissance man who made his name with a series of classic comedy albums and a pair of landmark sitcoms. His big-screen appearances are equally impressive, ranging from political satire (CATCH-22, FIRST FAMILY) and animation (THE RESCUERS) to holiday films (ELF) and character-driven farce (IN AND OUT). Join us for a pair of Newhart's best movies, with the legend himself in person.

Double Feature: COLD TURKEY, 1971, MGM Repertory, 99 min. Norman Lear directed this comedy about an ad exec (Bob Newhart) who launches an unusual publicity stunt for big tobacco: A cigarette company will give a cash prize to any town in America that can quit smoking. When it looks like one town will actually pull it off (led by minister Dick Van Dyke), the ad man stops at nothing in his hilarious attempts to get someone -anyone - to light up.

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HOT MILLIONS, 1968, Warner Bros., 106 min. Dir. Eric Till. When con artist Marcus Pendleton (Peter Ustinov) gets out of prison, he assumes the identity of a computer programmer and uses his new role as a way of embezzling cash. His only problem is figuring out how to hide it. Bob Newhart plays a paranoid assistant at the corporation Pendleton is fleecing. Discussion in between films with actor Bob Newhart.

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Wednesday, February 24 - 7:30 PM

Double Feature: 25th Anniversary! COMMANDO, 1985, 20th Century Fox, 90 min. Dir. Mark L. Lester. Retired covert ops specialist Arnold Schwarzenegger is forced back into action when his daughter (Alyssa Milano) is taken hostage by his old nemesis, a deposed South American dictator. Rae Dawn Chong costars as a flight attendant along for the ride in this fast, funny roller-coaster ride.

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CLASS OF 1984, 1982, 98 min. Director Mark Lester updates THE BLACKBOARD JUNGLE to tell the story of an amiable high school teacher (Perry King) driven to violent action when a group of punks (led by deliciously psychotic Timothy Van Patten) make him a target of harassment. Roddy McDowall and Michael J. Fox co-star in this riveting revenge film. Discussion in between films with director Mark L. Lester.

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