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Press Kit Documents:

Press Release (May 1, 2007)
(includes overview of live shows and NY, Chicago & LA info. and
Publicity Contacts)

Press Release - Expansion NYC (May 14, 2007)  (Includes dates and times when Guy Maddin will appear in person for Q & A in New York Theatres the week of May 14th)

Press Kit: (Includes Synopsis, Guy Maddin Bio, Production Notes,
Background on The Film Company). This press kit is a pdf file.

Actor Biographies

Composer Biography

About the Foley Artists

Cast and Crew List

Critical Acclaim (Critics' Quotes)

Guy Maddin Interview

Guy Maddin Bio

Production Company, The Film Company

Official Website

Brand upon the Brain! on Myspace

Film Release Schedule

U.S. Distributor, Vitagraph Films

Sales Agent for the rest of the World, DreamMachine (formerly Celluloid Dreams) (non-US press please contact for publicity needs)

Publicity Contacts


Chicago - Live Shows Start May 18 - 20!

Music Box Theatre

Orchestra - Ensemble Noamnesia

Narrator - Crispin Glover


New York - Live Shows Start May 9 - 15!

New York Narrator Schedule & Biographies

New York Overview

New York Media Alert

Village East Theatre History & Photos

Orchestra - Ensemble Sospeso


Los Angeles - Live Shows Start June 8 - 11!

Los Angeles Engagement Overview

Los Angeles Media Alert (June 6, 2007)

Egyptian Theatre History & Photos


A Guy Maddin Film Presented in
New York, Chicago
& Los Angeles
as a

Cinema Spectacular!
Live Elements supplement the film image!

Its a film,
its a
live show, its SPECTACULAR!

See a clip of the live show!

Read The New York Times Feature!

Critics' Pick: New York Magazine!

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Photos (Hi-Res): Captioned art. Photographer is Alan L. Weintraub.

Download Music Clips from the Original Score:
In the folder "Uploads" there is a folder "Music."  All 16 clips, and nothing else,
are in that folder. Composer is Jason Staczek

user: u44718032-brand
pass: isabella

Beta Clips of the Film are available upon request from the publicist in your city!

Review copies on DVD are available upon request from the publicist in your city!