Mods + Rockers 2000: A look back at the films of the '60s with the hipsters and dollybirds who made them!







Opening Night

Discussions following SMASHING TIME & GEORGY GIRL

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(L-R) 1. Michael York and Lynn Redgrave share memories of their work on SMASHING TIME. "The pie shop scene took a week to shoot and it was very hot. After awhile the smell of the pies was unbearable," remarked York. Redgrave recalled that the 60's was a very good time for actresses that didn't fit the "dolly physical type." The script was written for her and Tushingham after THE GIRL WITH GREEN EYES. "We were always singing together on the set," Redgrave remembered. "I think they thought we would become some sort of female Laurel and Hardy team, but that didn't happen. Co-producer of MODS & ROCKERS 2000, Martin Lewis commented that trends moved very fast in the 1960's. "By the time the movie came out, Carnaby Street was over."

2. (L-R) Martin Lewis, Twink, Austin Powers, Michael York and dollies. Twink was in SMASHING TIME as a band member.

3. Lynn Redgrave related the history of GEORGY GIRL. No one wanted to make it. Then James Mason was attached and that ultimately got the film made. "He was wonderful to work with," said Regrave. He helped me so much. On the second day of shooting I had to do my "Whole Lotta Woman" number and I was terrified." It was her first starring role and when the Oscar nomination came at first she took it for granted. "I thought if you had a starring role in a movie you automatically got a nomination. I quickly came to understand my good fortune." Redgrave recalled going to the Oscars at the Santa Monica Civic Center that year and watching the arrivals on a TV in her limo, something she had never seen before. Redgrave was able to recall all of her competitors and other Oscar trivia from that year. It obviously left a lasting impression. After GEORGY GIRL she feared getting typecast and turned down scripts about heavy, young mothers.

Photos: Lance Powell


modmarsh.gif (33241 bytes) Mods & Rockers gathered in the Egyptian Theatre Courtyard on Sunday, July 2nd to groove to music by the all-star band The Shag-a-delics, gorge themselves on bangers and mash washed down with Boddingtons Pub Ale jimihend.gif (58631 bytes)and Alize exotic cocktails. A fashion show hosted by Austin Powers, a costume contest and the concert movie GO-GO MANIA ensured that a good time was had by some 400 outrageously groovy guests!   photos: Juan Tallo (July 2, 2000

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Grrooovy Baby!!!

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The Shag-A-Delics: 1) Gordon Waller singing. 2) Spencer Davis at the mic. 3) A mod couple. Photos: Lance Powell & Margot Gerber (July 2, 2000)

Olivia Drops by...

olivia.gif (36046 bytes)The crowd went wild when an unannounced Olivia Newton John dropped in to talk about her experiences filming TOOMORROW (1970). Photo: Margot Gerber (July 8, 2000)