June 23, 1999

DOWN UNDER SHORTS: Gems from Australia... and one from New Zealand
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The offerings in our first annual survey of short films from "Down Under" include gems starring and directed by Oscar-nominated talent. These shorts cover diverse landscape -- locations from modern Sydney to rural 19th century New Zealand -- comedies, dramas, experimentals. All of these eye opening shorts are screening for the first time theatrically in Los Angeles.








Keri Light’s "Tangerine Dream" (8 min.) A hip, young couple challenge, love and insult in this innovatively shot film.

Nash Edgertons & Kieran Darcy-Smith’s "Loaded" (9 min.) Set in inner-suburban Sydney, we reel along as our boys chase down foes, crash cars and betray each other.

Alan Lovell’s "The Kiss" (7 min.) Starring Hugo Weaving (PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT, THE MATRIX) This multi-award winning film takes a hilarious look at mistaken identity, sexual pursuits, oral fixation and auto obsession. Something for everyone!

Kriv Stender’s "Two Out" (14 min.) An intense, claustrophobic comedy-drama set in a prison cell that has us relieved that we’re out on bail.

Brad McGann’s "Possum" (14 min.) Set in 19th century, rural New Zealand, an eerie, heartbreaking tale where a child’s imagination, rigid family roles and myth collide.

Jo Kennedy’s "Quill" (2 min.) A woman discovers she is leaking.

Sofya Gollan’s "Chlorine Dreams" (10 min.) Excellent underwater camera work underscores this award-winning film about a young girl who teeters on the edge of her imagination when she befriends the ghost in her family’s swimming pool.

Andrew Lancaster’s "Palace Café" (5 min.) From this award-winning music video director (Midnight Oil) comes a late night percussive tale of coffee and romance.

Rachel Griffith’s "Tulip" (12 min.) The directorial debut from this Oscar-nominated actress (HILARY & JACKIE, MURIEL’S WEDDING) is a beautiful and funny look at how grief changes our world.

Emma-Kate Croghan’s "Sexy Girls, Sexy Appliances" (4 min.) Women…..and their relationships with household appliances.

Stuart McDonald’s "My Second Car" (12 min.) A poignant tale of uncommunicative fathers, compassion & lost innocence.

Adam Blaiklock’s "Piano Bomb" (7 min.) Can one man stop the destruction of the Sydney Opera House?

Andrew Upton’s "Bangers" (7 min.) World Premiere! Starring Cate Blanchett (ELIZABETH, PUSHING TIN) What happens when a woman gets progressively drunk.

Join us for a discussion with visiting filmmakers and reception after the screening.

Program compiled by Andrew P. Crane & Leslie Rabb.

Special thanks to Tania Epstein, Leslie Rabb, Charlotte Del Rose, Kathleen Drumm