Sun October 10, 2021 7:30 PM



MUBI Theatre at the Aero | Beyond Fest 2021

Q&A with Udo Kier between films

Theatrical World Premiere Restoration of BLOOD FOR DRACULA; World Premiere Restoration of FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN

This is a vaccinated-only screening.


BLOOD FOR DRACULA, 1974, 106 min. Dir. Paul Morrissey
Back on the big screen for the first time UNCUT in 4K scanned from negative, ‘BLOOD FOR DRACULA’ is here to blow your world open. Immediately after completing FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN, Writer/Director Paul Morrissey and star Udo Kier created what remains sumptuously depraved Euroshocker, cunning political allegory and “wickedly funny horror that obliterates the line between art and bad taste” (Pop Culture Beast): Desperate for virgin blood, Count Dracula – Kier in the performance Flavorwire calls “one of cinema’s Top 5 best Draculas” – journeys to an Italian villa only to discover the family’s three young daughters are also coveted by the estate’s Marxist stud (Joe Dallesandro of Morrissey’s FLESH, TRASH and HEAT). Stefania Casini (SUSPIRIA) and BICYCLE THIEVES director Vittorio De Sica co-star – in “one of the most unique vampire films in history” (Oh! The Horror), now scanned uncut in 4K from the original negative for the first time ever. – Evrim Ersoy

DISTRIBUTOR: Vinegar Syndrome Pictures
BLOOD FOR DRACULA restoration courtesy of Severin Films

FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN, 1973, 95 min. Dir. Paul Morrissey
Deranged scientist, Baron von Frankenstein, with the help of his bizarre assistant, Otto, is determined to create a new master race, of which he will be the leader. To achieve his objective, he constructs two perfect ‘zombies’ from an assemblage of body parts, intending them to mate. Meanwhile, complications ensue as Nicholas, a farm hand, begins an affair with the Baron’s sexually frustrated wife all while searching for his missing friend Sacha, whose head and brain have been used for Frankenstein’s male ‘zombie!’A delectably gory and cynical social satire from acclaimed filmmaker Paul Morrissey (Mixed Blood), FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN is among the most original and transgressive interpretations of Mary Shelley’s classic novel. With an exceptional cast, led by Udo Kier (Suspiria, Mark of the Devil), in what might be his most iconic performance, Joe Dallesandro (Cry Baby), Monique van Vooren (Sugar Cookies), and Italian child star Nicoletta Elmi (Deep Red), and featuring a lush soundtrack by Claudio Gizzi (Blood for Dracula), FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN became an immediate midnight and cult movie sensation. – Evrim Ersoy

DISTRIBUTOR: Vinegar Syndrome Pictures