Wed October 6, 2021 10:00 PM



Shudder Theatre at Los Feliz 3 | Beyond Fest 2021

U.S. Premiere

This screening is free courtesy of our sponsors. Ticket RSVP will be available 9am the day of the event on this page. There will be a standby line. This is a vaccinated-only screening.


  • RELEASED IN: 2021
  • 121 MINUTES


A documentary crew films the story of a shaman and her family’s inheritance somewhere within the Isan region of Thailand. When one of her kin is possessed by a mysterious force, doubt begins to seep in that the entity in question may not be the work of the Goddess they believed it to be.

Produced and based on an original story by Na Hong-Jin and directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun—who was behind the terrifying SHUTTER (which was remade in Hollywood in 2005)—THE MEDIUM is a brilliant piece of creeping dread that could almost be considered a companion piece to 2015’s brilliant masterpiece of uncertainty, THE WAILING.

Approaching its subject with a matter-of-fact approach, THE MEDIUM uses its documentary format to great effect—a true mini-history of Thailand’s relationship with religion, gods, shamans, and superstition is followed by a sharp focus on one particular shaman whose family is chosen to be the vessels for a particular Goddess. 

Recounting her family history intermingled with the history of superstition, the sense of security is soon upended by a series of supernatural incidents hounding the Shaman’s niece. At first, the line of thinking focuses on the Goddess choosing a new vessel. Soon, doubt grows as the possibility that this new entity may not be the Goddess but in fact, an entirely malicious new presence whose end goal remains a secret.

Blending real-life and scares to great effect, THE MEDIUM is a must-see, particularly for fans of LAKE MUNGO and NOROI. A terrifying descent into hell and an exploration of beliefs, knowledge, ritual, and the sheer helplessness of humanity in the face of hostile, supernatural beings, this is the film that’ll haunt you long after its horrifying conclusion.