SAT APR 29, 2023 4:00 PM


$8.00 (member) ; $13.00 (general admission)

Los Feliz 3 | Pre-recorded introduction by filmmaker Gustavo Menezes

Co-presented by Cinelimite

‘Watch Local: Sister Cities’ Salvador, Brazil

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  • 91 MINUTES


Program begins with a pre-recorded introduction by filmmaker Gustavo Menezes, followed by the short film “Between the Sea and the Fish Line.”


A GRANDE FEIRA, 1961, Roberto Pires, 91 Minutes, Brazil

In Portuguese with English subtitles

Produced in the Água de Meninos market of Salvador, Bahia and made with the assistance of Glauber Rocha, Roberto Pires’ A GRANDE FEIRA is a political film of manners exploring the historical dialectic between capital and work in a stunning formalist verite. This neo-realist ensemble film, which is a major precursor to the Cinema Novo movement, features actors that would go on to become the biggest stars of Brazilian cinema such as Helena Ignez, Luiza Maranhão, Antônio Pitanga, and Geraldo del Rey, who appears in all of Roberto Pires’ films from this era.

Program notes by Cinelimite and Isaac Hoff.


“Between the Sea and the Fish Line,” 1953, Alexandre Robatto Filho, 21 Minutes, Brazil

In Portuguese with English subtitles

With “Between the Sea and the Fish Line,” (Entre o Mar e o Tendal) dental surgeon Alexandre Robatto Filho portrays the daily lives of a fishing community in Chega Negro and Carimbamba  beaches as they catch xaréu fish. Pioneer of cinema in Bahia, Filho would go on to influence legendary filmmaker Glauber Rocha’s debut feature, BARRAVENTO.

For further information about the cinema of Bahia read Cinelimite’s article Bahia de Todos os Santos: Expectations and Contradictions in the 1960s Film Scene