FRI MAY 26, 2023 7:30 PM



Aero Theatre | Q&A with actors Bel Powley, Billie Boullet, Ashley Brooke, costume designer Matthew Simonelli and composer Ariel Marx. Moderated by Jim Hemphill.

‘National Geographic Spotlight’

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A SMALL LIGHT, 2023, National Geographic, USA.

A SMALL LIGHT follows Miep Gies, a young secretary who hid Otto Frank and his family from the Nazis during WWII. For nearly two years, Miep and her husband Jan protected the Franks, avoided arrest and fought back. While you may know the story of Anne Frank and her life in the Annex, this is what happened on the other side of the bookcase.


Pilot,” 2023, National Geographic, 56 min, USA.

Miep is asked to hide the Franks and must rise to the occasion. No longer just a secretary, her first task is to get a nervous Margot into the secret hiding place in plain view of the Nazis.

Welcome to Switzerland,” 2023, National Geographic, 54min, USA

With the Frank family secure in the Secret Annex, Miep’s Jewish dentist asks if she knows of a place where he can hide. Overcome by the need to help just one more person, Miep finds new and more dangerous ways to evade the Nazis.