SUN MAY 21, 2023 7:00 PM

AAPI Women Night of Shorts

$8.00 (member) ; $13.00 (general admission)

Los Feliz 3 | Q&A with filmmakers Maegan Houang, Rey Tang, Kristine Gerolaga, Mimi Lee, and Eurie Chung 

‘Here’s to Her!’

Tickets are no longer on sale for this event.


The American Cinematheque is proud to present a special night of short films spotlighting AAPI women filmmakers. As part of our ongoing ‘Here’s to Her!’ series focused on femme filmmakers, join us for intentional time to celebrate works from the community during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Joining us for this screening are Maegan Houang with “Astonishing Little Feet“, Rey Tang with “Noodles & Incense“, Kristine Gerolaga with “Concealer“, Mimi Lee with “Moonchild“, and Eurie Chung with “I Can’t Keep Quiet.” From a reimagining of the first documented Chinese woman to arrive in the United States, to a documentary short following the “one woman riot” behind the Women’s March anthem, to a horror exploring the frightening nature of multi-level-marketing schemes, there is something for everyone.


“Astonishing Little Feet,” 2023, Maegan Houang, 9 Minutes, USA

In Cantonese with English subtitles

Afong Moy, the first documented Chinese woman to come to the United States, realizes the men who separated her from her family only have interest in profiting off the peculiarities of her bound feet.


“Noodles & Incense”, 2019, Rey Tang, 20 Minutes, Open Television, USA

Chinese-American cook Amy Chang wants to move to L.A. with her girlfriend Megan, yet is held back by unfinished business with her late grandma.


“I Can’t Keep Quiet”, 2023, Eurie Chung, 28 Minutes, USA

An intimate portrait of one woman’s quest for healing that reverberated around the globe through her song “Quiet,” an anthem for the women’s movement.


“Concealer,” 2019, Kristine Gerolaga, 11 Minutes, ALTER, USA

When Ivy agrees to let her old friend Bless treat her to a spa day, she soon learns that Bless has joined a predatory cosmetics pyramid scheme.


“Moonchild”, 2020, Mimi Lee, 18 Minutes, DUST, USA

Dealing with the grief of her late father, Lana finds herself recollecting memories of an ancient Chinese mythology story that her father used to tell her. On her 18th birthday, as she receives a strange package, she travels to visit her father’s grave, uncovering a dangerous family secret along the way.