THU OCT 5, 2023 10:00 PM



Aero Theatre sponsored by NEON | Beyond Fest 2023

World Premiere of New 4K Restoration courtesy of Severin Films

Co-Presented by Cinematic Void

Tickets are no longer on sale for this event.

  • RELEASED IN: 1994
  • 105 MINUTES
  • DIRECTED BY: Michele Soavi


In English, Turkish, and Italian with English subtitles.

It is a dream come true to present the first theatrical screening of the restored version of Michele Soavi’s absolute classic DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE (CEMETERY MAN) from the mind of Tiziano Sclavio (DYLAN DOG). Focusing on Rupert Everett’s Francesco Dellamorte, a cemetery undertaker who, beyond taking care of burials, funerals, and the cemetery, is also responsible for making sure the dead who return are disposed of. His life is further complicated when he falls for a young woman (Anna Falchi) whose husband has recently died. Quirky, surreal, funny, gory, and scary, Soavi’s magnificent melange is a film whose true value has only been realized retrospectively. Admired by almost everyone including Martin Scorsese, and something of a Holy Grail due to its unavailability on any format, bask in the glorious high definition of this restoration on the big screen like its director intended. Cinematic justice finally served thanks to the Herculean efforts of Severin Films.

Program notes by Evrim Ersoy


DISTRIBUTOR: Severin Films