SUN JUN 30, 2024 1:00 PM


$10.00 (member) ; $15.00 (general admission)

Egyptian Theatre | ‘Matthew Barney: An American Cinematheque Series’

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CREMASTER 5, 1997, Dir. Matthew Barney, 55 Min, USA 

The fifth film (third in production) is a sumptuously moribund romance. Shot in Budapest, its over-the-top components include a spectacularly sepulchral Ursula Andress, a flock of trained Jacobean pigeons, gamboling water nymphs, and the Budapest’s State Opera House orchestra. With a score by Johnathan Bepler (longtime Barney collaborator) and a libretto by the artist, the film is a sustained operatic monologue sung by Hungarian soprano Adrienne Csengery and acted by Andress.

FORMAT: 35mm

CREMASTER 2, 1999, Dir. Matthew Barney, 79 Min, USA

The second film in the cycle (fourth in production) is a dark Gothic western that feverishly tracks three generations of condemned murderer Gary Gilmore’s family from the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 to his execution in 1977. The story line hews closely to the historical Gilmore, while also exploring a fanciful parallel plot linking his clairvoyant grandmother to legendary escape artist Harry Houdini (played by Norman Mailer, author of The Executioner’s Song)

FORMAT: 35mm