FRI OCT 13, 2023 7:00 PM



Los Feliz 3 | Q&A with actor Lena Urzendowsky 

Free popcorn and soda! L.A. Premiere! 

‘German Currents 2023’ 

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  • RELEASED IN: 2023
  • 114 MINUTES
  • DIRECTED BY: Birgit Möller


In German, English, and Finnish with English subtitles. 

Introverted 20-something Franky (Lena Urzendowsky) is unpredictable and erratic. Her best friend and roommate, Katja (Öz), knows about her changing moods, but Franky has never revealed her biggest secret. Deep in her head, she has an old-fashioned hotel that is inhabited by four odd but lovable characters: a strict concierge (Gerti Drassl), a seductive chambermaid (Sophie Killer), a bell boy (Sven Hönig), and a child (Cito Andresen).  Whenever Franky is in an uncomfortable situation, one of the four personalities rides the elevator and takes control of her emotions.

Too busy dealing with this inner chaos, Franky has never let herself fall in love. Things change when she meets Katja’s new boyfriend, Hasi (Cino Djavid). As Franky starts to fall for Hasi, her inner personalities take over, and things spiral out of control. Urzendowsky’s outstanding performance as the quirky yet charming Franky offers an imaginative and refreshing take on coming-of-age and finding your true self, or more than one.


DISTRIBUTOR: Patra Spanou Film

COUNTRY: Germany/Finland