MON AUG 7, 2023 7:30 PM


$10.00 (member) ; $15.00 (general admission)

Aero Theatre | Introduction by Alan K. Rode

Rare 35mm print of T-MEN courtesy of the BFI

‘NOIR CITY: Hollywood 2023’

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7:30pm | Introduction

7:40pm | I WALK ALONE

9:20pm | Intermission 

9:30pm | T-MEN

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I WALK ALONE, 97 Minutes, Paramount Pictures, USA. 

Originally released December 31, 1947 by Paramount Pictures

Screenplay by Charles Schnee based on Theodore Reeves’ play Beggars are Coming to Town

Produced by Hal B. Wallis

Directed by Bryon Haskin

In their first of five films together, Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas portray a pair of bootleggers who agree to split their accumulated proceeds down the middle no matter what. But when Burt is released after serving a 14-year prison stretch, a now respectable Kirk, who is set up in the rackets with a swanky nightclub, isn’t inclined to honor their agreement. Complicating matters is an alluring nightclub chanteuse (Lizabeth Scott) and Burt’s former crony (Wendell Corey) who is under Kirk’s thumb. With a colorful supporting cast and a rousing Victor Young score, this hardboiled melodrama, adapted from the play Beggars are Coming to Town, established Hal Wallis’ credentials as an independent producer of consequence at Paramount after decades of success at Warner Bros.

CAST:  Burt Lancaster (Frankie Madison), Kirk Douglas (Noll Turner), Lizabeth Scott (Kay Lawrence), Wendell Corey (Dave), Kristine Miller (Alexis Richardson), George Rigaud (Maurice), Marc Lawrence (Nick Palestro), Mike Mazurki (Dan), Mickey Knox (Skinner)


T-MEN, 91 Minutes, Shout! Factory, USA. 

Originally released December 25, 1947 by Eagle-Lion Films/Edward Small Productions

Screenplay by John C. Higgins and Virginia Kellogg

Produced by Aubrey Schenck

Directed by Anthony Mann

Director Anthony Mann’s initial pairing with director of photography John Alton is a suspenseful tale about a duo of U.S. Treasury agents (Dennis O’Keefe and Alfred Ryder) going undercover to infiltrate a murderous gang of counterfeiters. Memorable character turns by a brutal Charles McGraw and an overwrought Wallace Ford accentuate a vivid script written by acclaimed crime scribe John C. Higgins. This groundbreaking picture became a sleeper box office hit and was nominated for a Best Sound Academy Award.  The startling success of T-MEN established Mann and Alton as a filmmaking team of consequence while inspiring a similar style of movies.

CAST:  Dennis O’Keefe (Dennis O’Brien), Mary Meade (Evangeline), Alfred Ryder (Tony Genaro), Wallace Ford (The Schemer), June Lockhart (Mary Genaro), Charles McGraw (Moxie), Jane Randolph (Diana Simpson), Art Smith (Gregg), Jack Overman (Brownie)

FORMAT: 35mm