SAT APR 1, 2023 2:00 PM

Laurel and Hardy Shorts Program

$8.00 (member) ; $13.00 (general admission)

Aero Theatre | West Coast Premiere!

Restored versions produced by Jeff Joseph/SabuCat in conjunction with the UCLA Film and Television Archive

Tickets are no longer on sale for this event.


ANOTHER FINE MESS, 1930, James Parrott, 28 Minutes, USA

Vagrants Stan (Laurel Stan) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy) evade capture from the police by disguising themselves as an adventurer colonel, a butler and a chamber maid.


GOING BYE-BYE!, 1934, Charley Rogers, 20 Minutes, USA

After testifying in court against a notorious and violent criminal, Stan and Ollie plan to skip town, but when the criminal escapes prison, the pair have to come up with a new plan.


THEM THAR HILLS, 1934, Charley Rogers, 20 Minutes, USA

While recovering from gout in the mountains, Stan and Ollie find ‘healthy’ mountain water that unbeknownst to them contains bootlegger’s moonshine. When a couple of motorist stop for gas, the duo offers them water, leading a drunken night of madness.


TIT FOR TAT, 1935, Charley Rogers, 19 Minutes, USA

A sequel to the roaring success of “Them Thar Hills” and the only time the duo did a specific squeal, “Tit for Tat” follows the duo’s newest venture: an electrical supplies store opposite of a grocery store owned by their nemesis – the couple from “Them Thar Hill.” The tit for tat battles ensue.