FRI JUN 9, 2023 7:30 PM

MS. 45 + Live Score / THE DRILLER KILLER

$20.00 (member) ; $25.00 (general admission)

Aero Theatre | MS. 45 live score performed by composer Joe Delia

Q&A with filmmaker Abel Ferrara between films

Co-Presented by Beyond Fest

‘Seven Nights with Abel Ferrara: An 18-Film Retrospective With Live Scores’

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MS. 45, 1981, Dir: Abel Ferrara, 80 Minutes, AGFA, USA. 

When mute seamstress Thana (Zoë Tamerlis) is assaulted one day coming home from work, she reaps vengeance on the men of New York City with the .45 caliber pistol carried by one of her attackers. Also known as MS .45 or ANGEL OF VENGEANCE, MS. 45 is a blistering revenge thriller from a master of American underground cinema.


THE DRILLER KILLER, 1979, Dir: Abel Ferrara, 96 Minutes, AGFA, USA. 

Abel Ferrara stars as Reno Miller, an artist on the verge of a mental breakdown amidst financial stress and a deeply ingrained fear of failure. Following a series of gruesome hallucinations, Reno goes on a killing spree through the underbelly of the city, weaponized power drill in hand.