FRI AUG 11, 2023 7:30 PM


$10.00 (member) ; $15.00 (general admission)

Aero Theatre | Introduction by Eddie Muller 

Rare 35mm print of RAW DEAL courtesy of the BFI

‘NOIR CITY: Hollywood 2023’ 

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7:30pm | Introduction

7:40pm | RAW DEAL

9:00pm | Intermission 


Start times are approximate.


RAW DEAL, 79 Minutes, Shout! Factory, USA. 

Originally released May 26, 1948 by Eagle-Lion Films

Screenplay by John C. Higgins and Leopold Atlas, based on the story Corkscrew Alley by Arnold Armstrong and Audrey Ashley

Produced by Edward Small

Directed by Anthony Mann

Social worker Marsha Hunt and gangster’s moll Claire Trevor duke it out for the soul of homme fatal Dennis O’Keefe in this rambunctious display of quintessential noir pulp. O’Keefe busts out of the slammer determined to get even with shyster gang-boss Raymond Burr, who wants O’Keefe dead before he reaches his San Francisco hideout. Anthony Mann made his bones with the gritty, documentary-style T-MEN the year before, but here, he flips the script and treats fans to a surreal fantasia of violence and vengeance. Everything in the film is slightly off-kilter, from the Theremin-infused score to the nervy, dejected narration by Trevor. Stunning images by legendary cinematographer John Alton make this arguably the most visually stylish noir of them all. As Eddie Muller likes to say, it’s “Pure Pulp for Noir People.”

CAST: Dennis O’Keefe (Joe Sullivan), Claire Trevor (Pat Regan), Marsha Hunt (Ann Martin), John Ireland (Fantail), Raymond Burr (Rick Coyle), Curt Conway (Spider), Chili Williams (Marcy), Richard Fraser (Fields), Whit Bissell (Murderer), Cliff Clark (Gates), Richard Irving (Brock), Tom Faden (Grimshaw), Ray Teal (police commanding officer), Carey Loftin (motorcycle cop), Gregg Barton (car owner)

FORMAT: 35mm

HE WALKED BY NIGHT, 79 Minutes, Park Circus, USA. 

Originally released November 24, 1948 by Eagle-Lion Films

Screenplay by John C. Higgins, from a story by Crane Wilbur

Produced by Bryan Foy and Robert Kane

Directed by Alfred Werker and Anthony Mann

In this landmark noir, a psychotic loner (Richard Basehart) uses his genius for electronics to commit robberies while evading the police. When he graduates to murder, L.A.’s finest, including Scott Brady and methodical Jack Webb (who was immediately inspired to create “Dragnet”), pull out a few modern manhunting techniques of their own. The procedural elements are well-handled by director Alfred Werker (and an uncredited Anthony Mann), but it’s the film’s action scenes that leave the biggest impression. The desperate hunt tracks the killer through—and beneath—cityscapes stunningly photographed by the great John Alton. Aficionados might notice similarities between the final act and the end of THE THIRD MAN, but it’s worth noting that HE WALKED BY NIGHT predates the latter by a year. Don’t miss this classic in all its 35mm glory!

CAST: Richard Basehart (Roy Martin / Roy Morgan), Scott Brady (Sgt. Marty Brennan), Roy Roberts (Captain Breen), Whit Bissell (Paul Reeves), James Cardwell (Sgt. Chuck Jones), Jack Webb (Lee Whitey), Reed Hadley (narrator)

FORMAT: 35mm