SUN JAN 28, 2024 4:00 PM


$8.00 (member) ; $13.00 (general admission)

Los Feliz | Limited Engagement 

New 4K Restoration!

‘Nancy Savoca: An American Cinematheque Tribute’ 

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“Renata,” 1982, Dir. Nancy Savoca, 16 Min, Kino Lorber, USA

Nancy Savoca’s first student film, made alongside husband Rich Guay at NYU in the early ’80s, deftly explores the struggles of a young mother living in New York City. Their friend Marianne Leone gives life to their character of Renata and her plight-weighing her own well-being against her commitment to her family.


HOUSEHOLD SAINTS, 1993, Dir. Nancy Savoca, 124 Min, Kino Lorber, USA

Nancy Savoca’s star-studded indie gem is a chronicle of a spirited Italian-American New York family that perfectly balances humor, tragedy, and pathos. Joseph Santangelo (Vincent D’Onofrio) is a butcher with a wicked sense of humor who “wins” his wife Catherine (a stellar Tracey Ullman) in a pinochle game. Over the protests of his mother (Judith Malina) who talks to ghosts and makes deals with saints, Joseph marries Catherine. When the old lady dies, her spirit is channeled into her granddaughter Teresa who overtakes the film with her yearning to serve God. Perfectly embodying a modern-day Bernadette, Lili Taylor imbues Teresa with a mix of dedicated innocence and naïveté. Executive produced by Jonathan Demme, with memorable performances from Michael Imperioli, Michael Rispoli and Victor Argo, HOUSEHOLD SAINTS showcases a unique voice in 1990s independent filmmaking.