FRI OCT 13, 2023 10:00 PM



Los Feliz 3 | L.A. Premiere! 

‘German Currents 2023’

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  • RELEASED IN: 2022
  • 140 MINUTES


In German, Kurdish, Dutch, Arabic, English, Turkish, and French with English subtitles. 

From the depths of an Iraqi prison to the top of the German charts, the rise of German gangster rapper and producer Giwar Hajabi, a.k.a. Xatar, is the stuff of legend. Born in 1981, during the Iranian Revolution, he fled as a child with his Kurdish parents via Iraq to Germany in the mid-1980s. In Bonn, he grows up in a housing project, where he must start from the bottom. As a teen, dreaming of fame and fortune in the music industry, Xatar slips into petty crime but quickly proves himself a major dealer. When a cocaine shipment goes missing, leaving him in debt to a drug cartel, a desperate Xatar plans a large-scale gold heist. As everything goes wrong and Xatar lands in prison, another door opens, thanks to his passion for music.

Multi-award-winning veteran filmmaker Fatih Akin’s adaptation of Xatar’s autobiographical novel Alles oder Nix (All or Nothing) is gritty, raw, and executed with all the style, swagger, humor, and intelligence found in its subject. Emilio Sakraya’s powerful performance as the adult Xatar helps to make the film Akin’s biggest box office hit yet.


DISTRIBUTOR: Strand Releasing

COUNTRY: Germany/Netherlands/Morocco/Mexico