SUN MAY 19, 2024 3:00 PM


$15.00 (member) ; $20.00 (general admission)

Egyptian Theatre | Q&A with filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky

Co-presented by Beyond Fest!

Restoration by Severin Films

‘Alejandro Jodorowsky: An American Cinematheque Retrospective’

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  • RELEASED IN: 1989
  • 123 MINUTES
  • DIRECTED BY: Alejandro Jodorowsky


Fifteen years after Alejandro Jodorowsky’s EL TOPO and THE HOLY MOUNTAIN unlocked our collective third eye, the legendary provocateur made his ‘80s comeback with this staggering odyssey of ecstasy, anguish, belief, blasphemy, beauty and madness. SANTA SANGRE continues to enrapture both Jodorowsky newbies and dedicated fans alike with its tale of a young circus performer, the crime of passion that shatters his soul, and a macabre journey back to the world of his armless mother. SANTA SANGRE is perfect for primetime one-offs, late-night genre slots or as an anchor in your Jodorowsky revival series.

FORMAT: 35mm

DISTRIBUTOR: Severin Films

COUNTRY: Italy/Mexico