SAT OCT 1, 2022 1:00 pm

Shorts Block 1: Time, Warped


Shudder Theatre at Los Feliz 3 | Beyond Fest 2022

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  • 98 MINUTES


Take a journey through time with these cinematic gems, which beautifully capture styles, textures, and vibes from eras long past.

Black Dragon (Rồng đen) | USA | 15 min. dir. by Alexander Thompson

A Vietnam War-set psycho-thriller inspired by the real life Mỹ Lai Massacre.

They Call It… Red Cemetery! | Portugal, Norway | 10 min. dir. by Francisco Lacerda

Among the crosses of an old cemetery, two outlaws have a dispute over honor, companionship and greed.

O, GLORY! | UK | 16 min. dir. by Joe Williams & Charlie Edwards-Moss

Set in the late 70s, a psychiatric doctor and his assistant are called to an isolated country house to examine Deborah, whose brother believes she is losing her mind.

Wild Card | USA | 13 min. dir. by Tipper Newton

Two strangers are brought together by a video dating service.

Bad Acid | USA | 7 min. dir. by Sam Fox

Sheila, a self-obsessed aerobics fanatic, accidentally ingests some toxic hair gel while doing her morning workout, propelling her on a psychedelic foray into the dangerous world of Aerobics Cult Leader John Flexi.

Tank Fairy | Taiwan, USA | 10 min. dir. by Erich Rettstadt 雷利

Once upon a time, the magical Tank Fairy delivered tanks of gas (with plenty of sass) to the home of young Jojo, a lonely dreamer in need of a glittery godmother.

Wild Bitch | USA | 13 min. dir. by Rebekka Johnson & Kate Nash

A homely housewife lures a plucky local reporter on a harrowing journey through the deep woods.

Gnomes | Netherlands | 6 min. dir. by Ruwan Heggelman

Unknowingly, a girl enters the habitat of a tribe of killer gnomes during her daily run. Lured by mysterious glowing mushrooms, she’ll soon wish she’d stayed on her usual tracks.

Hang Out 2day | USA | 1 min. dir. by Sam Grinberg

Philly Ska Virtuosos Catbite created this electrifying Saturday morning cartoon x punk club score to accompany this jam-packed short.

Forever Young | France |dir. by Michel Arribehaute, Nicolas Arribehaute, Sacha Arribehaute, Robinson Arribehaute

This is just the story about two kids who need help to make a movie and two dads with nothing else to do.