SAT OCT 7, 2023 1:00 PM

Shorts Block 3: Triplemoon


NEON Theatre at Los Feliz 3 | Beyond Fest 2023

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Hell is other people.

“Blood Rites,” Helena Coan, 19 Minutes, UK

Three teenage girls with a monstrous secret begin to unravel in the English Fens.

“Wrong Planet,” Julia Ponce Díaz, 14 Minutes, USA

Bored with their daily routine, Lisa and Lola play a dangerous game that ends in Lola’s death. When an Angel of Death comes to claim her friend’s dead body, Lisa will have to deal with the consequences of her actions.

“The Influencer,” Lael Rogers, 10 Minutes, USA

A social media influencer describes her perfect day harvesting the eyes and minds of her followers to achieve immortality.

“Goats,” Michael Prieto and Julia Kern,  12 Minutes, USA

Awkward and friendless Maisie unleashes mayhem when the popular girls humiliate her at their sleepover.

“Pool Party,” Ellie Stewart,  8 Minutes, Canada

Bikini tops, vodka shots, longing glares and truth or dare. Hell hath nothing on a teenaged girl’s slumber party, and Freya is trapped.

“Nian,” Michelle Krusiec,  7 Minutes, USA

A Chinese American girl stands up to her racist bully armed with a Chinese Demon mask and the Nian, a mythological creature that arrives on the eve of lunar new year to eat rotten children.

“Mosquito Lady,” Kristine Gerolaga,  13 Minutes, USA

Terrified of telling her parents that she’s pregnant as restrictions to abortion access worsen, a desperate teenager seeks the help of a reclusive neighbor who her parents warned her about.

“Gummy,” Sasha Aubort, 14 Minutes, Australia

A masochistic dentistry student grapples with unrequited love and her manipulative father by pulling out her teeth for addictive pleasure.

“Gold and Mud,” Conor Dooley, 9 Minutes, USA 

A sprawling story of love and loss, as reflected on a single face.