WED OCT 12, 2022 7:30 PM


$10.00 (member) ; $15.00 (general admission)

Aero Theatre | Advance Screening of STARS AT NOON. Pre-recorded Q&A with filmmaker Claire Denis.   

Co-presented by A24


STARS AT NOON, 2022, A24, 137 min, France, Dir: Claire Denis

In Claire Denis’ latest feature STARS AT NOON, a young American journalist stranded in 1948 Nicaragua falls in love with an elusive Englishman who appears to be her only way out. However, they become entangled in a hazardous web of lies and intrigues, forcing them to flee the country. Based on the 1948 novel of the same name and co-winner of the Grand Prix at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. Starring Margaret Qualley, Joe Alwyn, Danny Ramirez, Benny Safdie and John C. Reilly.


TROUBLE EVERY DAY, 2001, The Film Desk, 101 min, France/Germany/Japan, Dir: Claire Denis

What if love was a sickness? Or even worse, a cannibalistic impulse that can only be satisfied via utter consumption? Claire Denis follows these questions to their gruesome conclusions in this visceral portrayal of an all-consuming desire. When newlyweds Shane (Vincent Gallo) and June (Tricia Vessey) honeymoon in Paris, the new husband secretly pursues a renowned neuroscientist conducting studies on the human libido. Becoming more involved with Dr. Sémeneau (Alex Descas) and his tests, Shane learns of the doctor’s wife, Coré (Béatrice Dalle), whose strange illness requires her to be quarantined at all times. But all hell breaks loose when Coré escapes and unleashes a sickness deadlier than anyone could have imagined.

FORMAT: 35mm