Sat September 18, 2021 7:30 PM


$8.00 (member) ; $13.00 (general admission)

Aero Theatre | Double Feature



THE GENERAL, 1926, Cohen Media, 80 min. Dir. Buster Keaton

During the Civil War, train engineer Johnny Grey (Keaton, at his most fearless and funny) has his beloved locomotive stolen by Union spies. He boards and mans another massive train, appropriately named Texas, and sets out to pursue and catch up to his kidnapped steam engine. This classic film is not only an inimitable comedy but also a feat of physical daring, and is not to be missed! Includes Keaton riding the front of a moving train, running along the roof and jumping from car to car, and the filming of a locomotive careening off a collapsing bridge!


POLICE STORY 3: SUPERCOP, 1993, 91 min. Dir. Stanley Tong

The third installment of the popular Hong Kong franchise pairs supercop “Kevin” Chan Ka-Kui (Jackie Chan) with Interpol inspector Jessica Yang (CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON’s Michelle Yeoh) as they work to take down a ruthless drug lord, Khun Chiabat (Kenneth Tsang). Quentin Tarantino called the action set pieces here the “greatest stunts ever filmed in any movie ever,” and by the time the end credits – featuring outtakes from these sequences – roll, you’ll be amazed the performers survived them.