WED MAY 1, 2024 7:00 PM

THE THOUGHTS THAT ONCE WE HAD / "A Train Arrives At The Station"

$8.00 (member) ; $13.00 (general admission)

Los Feliz 3 | Q&A with filmmaker Thom Andersen

‘Thom Andersen: An American Cinematheque Retrospective’

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THE THOUGHTS THAT ONCE WE HAD, 2015, Dir. Thom Andersen, 108 Min, Grasshopper Film, USA

Described in an opening text as a “personal history of cinema, partially inspired by Gilles Deleuze,” THE THOUGHTS THAT ONCE WE HAD  from master cinematic essayist Thom Andersen is a richly digressive journey through cinema. A found-footage film composed entirely of unidentified, yet often recognizable film clips and concise intertitles written by Andersen, the film leaps associatively across a vast territory spanning from Griffith to Godard, using dynamically cinematic images and sequences not to explain, but to embody Deleuzian ideas in all their rich ambiguity and nuance.


“A Train Arrives At The Station,” 2016, Dir. Thom Andersen, 16 Min, Grasshopper Film, USA

“This film was a gift to me. I make no claims for it, nor do I offer any apologies. It comes from work on THE THOUGHTS THAT ONCE WE HAD. There was one shot we had to cut whose loss I particularly regretted. It was a shot of a train pulling into Tokyo Station from Ozu’s THE ONLY SON (1936). So I decided to make a film around this shot, an anthology of train arrivals. It comprises 26 scenes or shots from movies, 1904-2015… So after all these years, I’ve made another structural film, although that was not my original intention.” -Thom Andersen