WED MAR 29, 2023 7:00 PM

Woman Wednesday Night of Shorts

$8.00 (member) ; $13.00 (general admission)

Los Feliz 3 | Panel with filmmakers Marielle Woods, Jessica Mendez Siqueiros, Pamela Matew and Julia Hess and writer and producer Loren Maxine

‘Women Wednesday’

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Heart Shot, 2022, Marielle Woods, 19 Minutes, Netflix, USA

Teenagers Nikki and Sam are in love and planning their future together — until Nikki’s dangerous past returns to threaten everything.


Pozole, 2019, Jessica Mendez Siqueiros, 10 Minutes, WeTransfer, USA

In English and Spanish with English subtitles

Maia (AKA ‘La Gringa’) is a mixed-raced Latina woman who grew up on the white side of life. When she returns to reconnect with her Mexican roots on her grandma’s birthday, she accidentally causes the death of the family’s vibrant matriarch. A beacon of death and destruction, she must now fight to find her place in her family, heritage, and her own mother’s heart.


Perfectly Disturbed, 2022, Pamela Matew, 21 Minutes, USA

When a prim and proper Latina hellbent on being the perfect wife believes her husband is a serial killer, she must decide whether she can come to terms with and embrace his sinister hobby.


Sincerely, Your Friend, 2022, Julia Hess, 8 Minutes, Scira Studios/ A Loren Maxine Production, USA

Based on a true story, Nia reads aloud a letter from the heart that details her true feelings when it comes to battling her mental health.