SUN JUN 16, 2024 12:00 PM


$10.00 (member) ; $15.00 (general admission)

Egyptian Theatre | ‘Matthew Barney: An American Cinematheque Series’

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CREMASTER 4, 1994, Dir. Matthew Barney, 42 Min, USA 

The fourth film in the cycle (first in production) most clearly shows Barney’s consistent utilization of landscape as character and establishes many of the themes that the artist weaves through the subsequent films. Shot on the Isle of Man, it combines Celtic custom and lore with sidecar motorcycle racing and a libidinal quest. Deep in the heart of the film is a tap-dancing ram-in-training (played by Barney) who is aided by a quartet of androgynous fairies as he engages in a series of challenges on the road to maturity.

FORMAT: 35mm

CREMASTER 1, 1995, Dir. Matthew Barney, 40 Min, USA

The first film in the cycle (second in production) takes place on the blue Astroturf football field of Bronco Stadium in Barney’s hometown of Boise, Idaho. Two Goodyear blimps hover above the arena, each with a glamorous parcel of flight attendants in Isaac Mizrahi–designed uniforms and each with a stowaway played by legendary dominatrix Marti Domination. Using notations made of grapes, she choreographs an armada of chorus girls into patterns of biological cells forming the contours of an androgynous body that symbolizes, for the artist, a state of pure potential.

FORMAT: 35mm