SUN OCT 8, 2023 7:00 PM



NEON Theatre at Los Feliz 3 | Beyond Fest 2023

North American Premiere! Q&A with screenwriter Taylor Sardoni

Screening courtesy of Blue Finch Films

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  • RELEASED IN: 2024
  • 81 MINUTES
  • DIRECTED BY: Alan Scott Neal


Set over the course of one long night, miscommunication and a lack of empathy cause events to spiral out of control as a young waitress finds herself in the center of a murder spree. Soon, all she has is her wits and luck to survive the night and perhaps find change for the better. Director Alan Scott Neal’s timely thriller reveals what happens when people stop trying to understand each other. A ruthless neo-noir reminiscent of the best of the genre from the 1970’s, this fantastic thriller plays on genre tropes but with an eye on the current social climate. Society’s unwillingness to give each other a break turns truly horrific with murders multiplying by the dozen. Add to the mix some eye-popping cinematography that makes the best of its single, neon-drenched location and phenomenal sound design and you have a cinematic gut punch the likes of which we rarely see. A truly welcome addition to the canon of noir thrillers.

– Program notes by Evrim Ersoy



DISTRIBUTOR: Blue Finch Films